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Podcast #104: Bargaining (1)

Here’s the podcast for Season 6, Episode 1 – Bargaining (1)

Dawn seeks comfort with BuffyBot

Dawn seeks comfort with BuffyBot

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 1st April 2013 for episode two of Season Six: “Bargaining” (Part 2). That’s the one which picks up where this left off.

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  1. This isn’t so much a comment about the episode but a question about Buffy DVDs. Since Christmas I’ve been watching episodes for the Rewatch on DVD instead of Netflix. On Bargaining Part One there is an extra scene that is not on Netflix when BuffyBot goes to Dawn’s school she sees a model Sunnydale and is confused how anyway can fit inside it. Its not a great line but it kind of humorous in its obvious reference to Zoolander. I wanted to screencap it and put it side by side with the scene from Zoolander on my tumblr and I went to Netflix (because its easier to screencap there) and the scene is missing. This is the first time I have experienced it but I’ve never really check before.

    I know some TV DVDs like Friends add in deleted scenes to the runtime of the episode and Netflix seems to just have the episodes as they were originally aired. I think adding in deleted scenes can negatively affect an episode more often than not because they are deleted for a reason. Does anyone know if Buffy is the same way? The DVD packaging does really indicate one or another.

  2. Bargaining Part 2

    I liked the exchange between Tara and Xander, we’ve never gotten to see them interact when it came to Willow and it was interesting to see. I wish we had gotten that last season but oh well.

    Poor Buffy, it makes Buffy’s return so much more emotional because she has to dig out of her own grave.

    A nice Willow and Xander moment, did we even see them interact alone last season other than in that awful troll episode?

    Willow’s face when she realizes that they can’t bring Buffy back at all is heartbreaking. I think it’s her finally grieving and the hope that she can bring her back is gone.

    Why did they need to do the ritual with Buffy still in her grave, why not dig up her body? Maybe they explained it and I missed it.

    I also like the Anya and Tara scene, with both of them being outsiders to the Scoobies you’d think they would be closer…

    Spike, why would you touch a cross? Because it makes for a chuckle moment.

    Love Dawn’s slip about Buffy. It’s sad to watch her without Buffy, especially because she feels guilty.

    It must be so hard to dig out of a grave and then find out you had died. SMG played that so well. There is some great acting in this episode and this season.

    It would make sense that Buffy would come out of the grave and not be at full strength, she is so disoriented and it’s believable.

    I like that Tara is the strong one, and when she’s comforting Anya it’s also like she’s comforting herself.

    Hmm, Tara and Willow know a spell how to find each other, convenient but sweet.

    Hahaha Xander following an airplane! Fight that “bug” Xander, you go! Love the Tinkerbell comment. Man Xander is on fire this episode with the quotes.

    I don’t see why Spike couldn’t have hid with Dawn in the basement but whatever.

    Badass Spike kickin a dude off his bike. That was pretty cool. Although it sounded like Spike called Dawn a bitch when he said pidgon.

    Anya really thought looters would knock? Funny.

    They really are helpless against the demons right now. I mean Spike can’t take all of them.

    I kind of feel bad for the Buffybot, it was a little eerie for the Buffybot to see Buffy before it got ripped apart.

    Wow, Tara has a way with words…I wish they would make her more confident when she’s talking to Willow. It so annoying how submissive she is.

    The reaction that she had to dig out of her own grave was so sad. They feel awful and it’s their fault but they didn’t know. It’s an emotional dilemma and it tugs at my season six hardened heartstrings.

    Xander, a man-witch? So he’s a Sloppy Joe…yup sounds about right.

    Eeeek…that rape threat was really unsettling and really dark.

    Buffy’s kicking ass again and not a moment too soon.

    It would be awful to get hit with metal poles several times but Buffy can take it.

    Dawn’s reaction to the Buffybot was so sad, especially because she’s so disoriented. It was a good way to relay the information that Buffy’s back to Dawn.

    How is that structure still up? Nobody thought to tear it down…

    Tara’s first axing, nice moment.

    Oh no…memories…scenes from The Gift…might…cry.

    Did Dawn see Buffy on the tower? Its really dark…

    Now the structure’s unsteady…

    It’s sad how Buffy is even considering jumping again, the world is harsh to her and she doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore and it’s so sad.

    Dawn’s speech is emotional and effective, and Buffy snaps back to reality when she realizes her sister is in danger. If it had happened any other way it wouldn’t have been as effective. She died for her sister…and the world so it would make sense that she would live to save her sister.

    Overall, this was a good part 2. There were a lot of things that didn’t make sense in the plot but the character moments were so good and it was nice to see people who had been in the background all last season to come to the front. And because of that not only did I enjoy this episode but I’m sorta looking forward to the rest of the season. The only thing is, I don’t have fond memories of the next episode so I’m hoping there is some good character moments.

  3. Hi guys. I just have a quick logic question that I don’t think has been addressed yet. We saw Buffy’s headstone and we know that she was buried, right? So we could assume they had to have a death certificate made for her. She was probably taken to the morgue, had a funeral, etc. Her death would be public record and I imagine the scoobies didn’t make the death certificate or headstone, or bury her themselves. Other people would most certainly be involved. So how is it that no one else in the community seems to know about her death? It would seem very strange to have buried Buffy in a public cemetery then see her show up for parent teacher conferences.

    Also, I have to say I have never and I imagine will never like Dawn. She should have been killed off or died last season. Imagine you always had perfect skin, then one day a huge painful oozy rash appeared out of nowhere and covered half your face, but as far as you knew it had always been there. Wouldn’t you get rid of it if you had the chance? I suppose that’s how I think of Dawn. If I remember, she becomes increasingly difficult to deal with from here on out. An annoying whiny kid who’s always getting into and causing trouble.

    Thanks so much for the podcast. I look forward to it every week!

    • The scenes that take place around the grave don’t appear to be in a cemetery. Perhaps it is a private burial and Xander knew a guy to engrave the stone? I never really thought about it, but the grave appears to be completely by itself.

  4. I found this a much more affecting episode on rewatch and part of the reason is something that I think we learn about soon but shouldn’t mention it as it would be a bit spoilery – I suppose I can just say that I found Buffy’s confused wanderings around town much more poignant this time around. Especially when she is up on the tower and obviously thinking about throwing herself off it again. I remember when I first watched this episode that I wasn’t so engaged and I was a bit confused about what she was doing up the tower. Oh that was my only bit of a dislike – the tower conveniently falling over just after she went up it.

    The biker demons made properly threatening villains – especially the rape remark – very disturbing. I don’t have a problem with them now they are in Sunnydale, I just find demons outside of Sunnydale weird but maybe that’s just me.

    I like Dawn and Spike’s relationship. I know you often remark on the podcast how you want to be able to imagine what a character is doing when they are not on screen. I can quite imagine the future for these two if Buffy had never come back. Spike would probably doggedly follow Dawn around for the rest of her natural life trying to make up for having failed in his duty to her in The Gift – belligerent but utterly loyal…

  5. I’m behind on my rewatching, so I wanted to throw in a couple points about Bargaining Part 1 after listening to the podcast. You guys both mentioned how a lot of the Scoobies have mental lapses and forget that Buffybot isn’t actually Buffy, but Spike never ever does. He barely looks at Buffybot in the first scene and he seems really bothered by the bot’s presence.

    Slightly spoilery: Anthony Stewart Head actually DID want to spend more time in England. So, there you have it. The plotline that results from this is the cause of my Giles ire.

    I’m hoping to watch part 2 tonight and get my comments in before you record!

  6. I don’t really have much to say about part 2 after all, most of the parts I thought I liked are actually in the next episode. SMG does some awesome face-acting in here though, especially in that final scene when she hugs Dawn and looks so confused and miserable.

    But! I caught some external references for you.

    Xander had all the good ones. He says the “urn of cirrhosis” when telling Willow it broke. He also later asks Willow how long she’s known her girlfriend was Tinkerbell. Mentions that The Magic Box turns into NORAD during Defcon 1. Also calls himself a powerful “man witch” = “manwich” haha. Now, I don’t know if this is an actual reference or it just fell into the writing, but when Xander mentions a guy at work, Tito, I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to My So-Called Life. There’s an offscreen character in that show named Tito who is constantly talked about but never actually shown. And then Dawn’s shirt has a fleur-de-lis on it. That’s all I got!

  7. I can’t really be critical of these episodes because I am blinded by my love for them BUT there is one detail that I has always bothered me. If they had been planning to bring Buffy back to life for such a long time wouldn’t it have occurred to them to dig up her grave? How were they planning on seeing if the ritual worked if she was still buried? This is one thing that just feels contrived to me- they wanted the added intensity of Buffy having to dig her way out of her grave with her bare hands but it just doesn’t seem believable to me. It seems like a pretty obvious thing and not something Willow and Xander would forget.

  8. I don’t have much to say until the next episode but how about some light fun amid the S6 darkness? I came across this recently and thought you might find it interesting if you haven’t seen it already:

    I don’t know what implication I like more – that Joss came up with all that off the top of his head (including a bad-ass Buffy quip) or that he’d already thought of all this himself and someone just happened to ask. In any case, it’s awesome. Of course he’s biased but I love that Buffy wins without even using any adrenaline.

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