Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | April 15, 2013

Cordia’s Review: S6, E04 – Flooded

Season 6, Episode 4
Original airing: 10/16/2001

My Rating: 56

The Good: I’m really glad the episode showed us Buffy and Giles’ reunion. It was touching and heartfelt and completely underscored by the following awkwardness in the rest of their scenes together. Giles is still the person pours her heart out to, but it has a different tone now.

The scene in the kitchen between Giles and Willow was amazingly complex and well written, shot, lit, acted, etc. Seriously good stuff. I loved Giles trying to impress the seriousness of the situation on a rather care-free Willow. It made her sudden threat to him feel all the more shocking and powerful.

Spike had a wonderful scene with Buffy as well. They are developing a comfort level with each other that feels incredibly right and natural. I just love seeing them interact.

The Not-So-Good: It’s good to have Buffy struggling with money issues in her post-college, adult of the house life, but it did raise some logical questions concerning Tara, Willow, and what they have been doing the last six months financially. I also liked her attempt to get the loan, but I don’t understand why her first reaction to “I need money” wasn’t to try and get a job. She managed school and slaying at the same time, so why couldn’t she manage work and slaying at the same time?

One thing I really struggled with in this episode was Xander and Anya’s issues. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be feeling bad for here. To me, if someone decides marriage isn’t for them at the moment, they should not be pushed into it. But I also wish that Xander would talk to Anya about why he’s stalling, instead of just trying to placate her. Neither of these characters comes off well.

The Bad: I was not a big fan of the demon or the geeks in this episode. They all felt silly and rather stupid. I liked how the show reintroduced the characters of Jonathon and Warren, but overall these guys were trying too hard. It felt like the jokes and characterizations were way over done.

I was really disappointed with how this episode ended. Buffy running out after Angel called felt really abrupt and made me wonder if I needed to go watch an episode of the show Angel. There was nothing satisfying about the end and it left me very sour.

Favorite Moment: I really love the big hug between Buffy and Giles. The part that strikes me most is Buffy’s face. She closes her eyes and looks for just a moment as if she gets lost in the safety Giles used to be able to provide for her.

The Bottom Line: I like a lot of the stuff in this episode surrounding Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Spike. But the Xander/Anya problems and the geeks really let me down.


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