Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | April 29, 2013

Cordia’s Review: S6, E05 – Life Serial

Life Serial
Season 6, Episode 5
Original airing: 10/23/2001

My Rating: 62

The Good: I enjoyed the attempts the show made at explaining Buffy’s future options. She needs money and she needs direction, so she attempts to return to school and tries on a few different jobs. Unfortunately, nothing is a good fit for her, which Spike narrows in on at the end of the episode. She’s a Slayer and she should focus on being a Slayer.

The Giles/Buffy scene at the end was well done too. I liked the naturalness of the post-puking conversation and Giles offering Buffy money to help her current problems. It felt like an appropriate extension of the parent/child relationship.

I also liked the attempt to introduce the audience a little more to the Trio and what they could be capable of doing. Unfortunately, none of their plans really made any sense.

The Meh: The majority of this episode left me feeling blah. The idea of testing Buffy’s abilities is good, but the tests themselves are pretty random. I’m not sure how the Trio is getting measurable data from them.

The most egregious test was the first one because it left way too many logic questions. There’s no indication of how Buffy is appearing to people outside of her perception. Is she standing still looking spaced out? Does she disappear? No matter what the situation, Tara looks pretty stupid for not noticing anything and just wondering of leaving Buffy. When Buffy gets outside, she ends up getting knocked around a bit, which begs more questions of why people are walking into her. Finally, I have no idea what this test is supposed to be doing other than freaking her out.

Andrew’s test was just silly. How many times do they have opportunities to see Buffy fight demons? Every night? Yeah.

I liked Jonathon’s test and found it humorous, but again, I’m not sure what he was attempting to test.

The big problem with the Trio at the moment, though, is their excessive nerdiness. The characters are constantly arguing and quoting pop culture, which is fine in theory, but generally people do occasionally talk about other things. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a show quite good at turning out realistic characters. At the moment, the Trio is way too stereotypical.

Favorite Moment: Buffy taking a shot and then making a face and going “Bllllaghhh” is one of the cutest things the show has ever done.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this episode flowed fine and had some good moments, but was mostly a little too silly.


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