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Podcast #110: Once More With Feeling

Here’s the podcast for Season 6, Episode 7 – Once More With Feeling

The Fire Truck shot

The Fire Truck shot

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I will save all the usual plugs for tomorrow when we will release the feedback only podcast.



  1. I just wanted to point out a couple more great little things in this episode. During Anya and Xander’s song, he holds up a paper whose headline reads, “Mayhem Caused: Monsters certainly not involved, officials say.” Real subtle cover-up, Sunnydale officials.

    Right after their song, when Anya and Xander are talking to Giles, Anya talks about how it’s weird because it felt like they had wall missing in their apartment – that it felt like there was only 3 walls, and the 4th was missing. Love it!

    Towards the end of that scene, Giles mentions that the police were taking witness arias. It’s the little things put into this episode that make is so great to rewatch…and rewatch again…and again…and buy the soundtrack.

  2. I think I called the music passable in my voice clip. Which is funny because the first thing I did after watching it was download the soundtrack. I’m a huge hypocrite.

    Looking forward to part 2.

  3. This was the episode that got me into buffy, or more accurately the album that got me into buffy. I first watched buffy when I was rather young because my sister was into it at the time, so I watched when she watched. I did remember liking the show back then but I didn’t start watching it again until I found the soundtrack for this episode on my iPod and started listening to it. The songs reminded me of how good the show was and made me eager to start watching it again, so I did and became obsessed. I made my way through the five first seasons but when I finally came to the musical episode that I’d been longing for I was very suprised. Since I had only watched small parts of the show before I wasn’t very up to date with all the new characters, and this led to some misunderstanding. In my head I had matched the songs with the characters all wrong at times. For example I thought that Under Your Spell was sung by Dawn and that the Parking Ticket Lady was Willow. But I guess I should’ve known, it did seem very strange that Willow would tell people that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

  4. 1. Thanks for this episode. I smiled all through the podcast, and had the songs playing in my head for a week.

    2. I think Cordia missed a Buffy “first.” This is, as far as I can recall, the first time Xander’s douchery has killed people. (“Kick his ass” doesn’t count because Buffy knew Angel was resouled when she killed him). I don’t really mind Xander casting the ritual, but it’s seriously unforgivable that once Xander realizes that it’s a curse (and once people start dying!) he doesn’t clue the group into what happened. At the very least, he could do some research and pretend to “find” the ritual, but he PREFERS TO LET PEOPLE BURN TO DEATH RATHER THAN BE FOUND OUT. Xander doesn’t confess until someone he cares about – Dawn – is at risk. I know it’s mostly sloppy writing, but it’s now cannon — Xander is not just a douche, he’s a murderous douche.

    3. On that note, it’s a nice touch that when Giles reveals that the singing ends in firey death, Xander is the one to ask if he’s sure there’s a connection.

  5. 4. Lastly, for anyone who hasn’t heard it, let me recommend Commentary: The Musical. It’s the second commentary track on the DVD for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and it’s a musical about a commentary track, in which slightly fictionalized versions of the actors and writers from Dr. Horrible attempt to record a commentary for the show. It is the most Whedontastic thing you will ever hear, and the songs are awesome.

  6. I attended a “Once More with Feeling” shadow-cast production this weekend, in Knoxville,TN. I hope it gets a cult following like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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