Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | June 25, 2013

Cordia’s Review: S6, E11 – Gone

Season 6, Episode 11
Original airing: 1/8/2002

My Rating: 50

The Good: This wasn’t a terrible episode, but it wasn’t very strong either.

I appreciated that the show is dealing with the fallout of Willow’s magic situation. Buffy is taking it seriously, which is nice to see for the two of them. I like the little moments when Willow is faced with temptation, but overcomes it.

Naturally, Spike was awesome to me in this episode. I thought James Marsters did an excellent job of acting opposite special effects. And the episode even managed to slightly move the Buffy and Spike story forward again. His appearance at the house had some nice sexual moments as well as Buffy’s complete denial of her attraction to him.

Something else I really liked was the hints that Warren has some further vision for his plans. Andrew and Jonathon have come to a divergence in this episode with Warren. He’s willing to let Buffy die and then attempts to kill her more quickly when Andrew and Jonathon take exception. Warren is willing to go very far to achieve whatever his goal is as a super villain. It really puts him in a new light and I’m interested to see where it might go.

The Bad: Unfortunately, I think the majority of this episode suffered from a lack of emotion. It’s a very interesting storyline to have Buffy capable of releasing all of her stress and escaping her life for a little while. But I found it completely unbelievable that her first reaction is “wheeee!” She demonstrates absolutely no disconcertion, fear, or worry over her situation. I would think that she would be confused at the very least, but she doesn’t even express interest in finding out what happened to her. It feels like a misstep in the story to me because it prevents me from feeling like Buffy is in danger.

Favorite Moment: I like the moment after Buffy and Spike are interrupted having sex. Spike is constantly evolving his feelings towards Buffy and has apparently decided that he doesn’t have to take just what she’ll give him anymore. He only has her here because no one else will ever know and that’s not enough for him. The shifting dynamic in their relationship is incredibly interesting. Couple that with the very good sheet effects and the well done joke at the end, and it was definitely my favorite scene.

The Bottom Line: This was yet another episode in a string of episodes with an interesting concept and poor delivery. It scares me that it’s starting to feel routine.


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