Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | June 25, 2013

Robin’s Review: S6, E11 – Gone

Synopsis: The Trio use their stolen diamond to create an invisibility ray. They accidentally hit Buffy with it and she begins to enjoy the freedom it brings her. An earlier run-in with Doris Kroeger from Social Services leads invisi-Buffy to take some revenge. She then sleeps with Spike while Xander and Willow work on how to make her visible again.

The Good: I like the premise of the invisibility. It’s an obvious trick for the Trio to be interested in and works metaphorically to free Buffy from some of her responsibilities. She is able to keep sleeping with Spike without anyone finding out and her enjoyment of her anonymity further alienates Dawn. It was nice to see Xander take the lead for once and push the investigation into what was going on. Willow’s struggles to stay clean were sensibly portrayed. 

The Bad: However the episode was pretty flat. In execution the invisibility made for boring television. I admired the commitment to the gag with lots of camera pans to thin air where normally a stern facial expression would be waiting. But it was a dull spectacle and quickly became distracting as I watched the visible actors having to pretend that someone was knocking into them.

There was no tension in Buffy’s condition, nor any good humour. Her swift acceptance of how cool her situation was cut out the fun exploratory part of episodes like “Earshot” or “Tabula Rasa.” Then the disintegration of the cone was handled with little gravity which meant her life never seemed in any danger. There was something mechanical about how Xander and Willow investigated the clues and the argument with Dawn was abrupt (if plausible).

The Unknown: So is Buffy going to just head over to the Trio’s basement and administer justice? It’s not often that her enemies have a fixed abode but they can hardly escape her for long.

I was uncomfortable with Buffy tormenting Doris and I’m not sure if I was meant to. The music was light hearted and the end result was good news for the Summers household. But in between Buffy made a woman, who was just doing her job, think she was losing her mind. That’s not funny.

Best Moment: Spike was his usual entertaining self responding to lustful Buffy.

The Bottom Line: This was uninspiring stuff as Buffy and Willow both take a small step toward recovery.



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