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Delay to Episode 117

Hey everyone,

Sorry to bring bad news again. But Cordia and I are both a bit sick this week so we are postponing our recording for the week. If we had recorded it might have sounded worse than my crackly line last week 🙂

The podcast will be out on Monday 15th July for “Dead Things.”

See you soon,



  1. Sorry to hear y’all are feeling ill!

    Get Better or Else 😛

  2. Feel better!

  3. Missing weekiy dose of your poscast makes me appreciate how good it is. Hope you feel better soon – miserable being sick when the weather is hot. Thanks for all the past episodes…

  4. How appropriate that you guys get sick in the same week that I get sick. It’s funny that it’s also the same week that finally get caught up on the podcast.

    As a first time commenter, here is a little bit about me and Buffy.

    I watched the entire series, for the first time ever, during the summer of 2012. I was about half a season behind a friend who was also marathoning and spoiling things like the development of one off characters such as Anya and Jonathan, offering to “just tell” me who Dawn was, and almost revealed a certain twist at the end of season 6 which I had already spoiled myself on. We’re not friends anymore.

    I actually discovered this podcast during my post Red Wedding grief, and didn’t realize that the Robin on Buffy was the same guy on A Pod of Casts.

    When I realized that you basically read every single comment on air, I thought It would be funny to send in a one line review of every single episode. That fell through, so here is basically a few of my thoughts over the past few weeks.

    – It took me a while to understand the concepts “spoiler-free” and
    “retrospective” especially after you were like “Xander kills Jessie” I was like “that’s a spoiler…” but then i figured it out so i was okay

    – Looking back, the contrast of the true demon Spike in season too compared to the cartoon character they made him into in season 4 is insane. I first noticed it when I started Angel after finishing Buffy. After four years of “good” Spike it was weird seeing old spike again during the oz team-up. He was ferocious, the same guy who almost raped/killed Willow. It’s hard to believe that’d just let him walk around the house and watch Passions a few months later.

    -Cordia’s anti-Eliza cracked me up and put her into a whole new light. I’ve never really seen her in anything else. Except for Bring it On. And Jay and Silent Bob. And Saints Row 2. Now that I think about it, I kinda like Eliza Dushku.

    -The first time I heard “Seriously Swatched” I was like “What?” Cordia, who were you before you started podcasting with Robin. Or can anyone start a podcast with Robin? If so, Robin how do you feel about Yes, Dear?

    -At this point I might as well bring that I am not watching every single episode alongside you guys, just a few that i have GREAT memories of. Specifically, I’ve only watched:

    -The Zeppo. And to sum up how i feel about Xander as a whole, I’m not a fan of his long term characterization. While I’m glad he didn’t gain a superpower in this episode, I don’t like how the guy he was before it is who he remained after it. Buffy is strength, willow is magic, Xander should’ve eventually picked up like weapons or something. That “i still have soldier memories” could’ve gone so many places. It’s sad because he is the only consistant male lead on the entire show, but he does less than all of them. His involvement with the “Let’s put all our powers together” spell just brings up the old “what the hell does heart mean” question from captain planet. Xander should’ve been the werewolf. not that the werewolf thing went anywhere either.

    -Hush. This episode is amazing, but on rewatch i was wondering why everyone was all depressed, why there was chaos in the streets and cars crashing. You guys sorta answered all that for me, the idea that this horrible thing is happening to EVERYONE is therefore traumatic for everyone. Imagine if everyone turned in visible. Well… while in reality that might be interesting, on the screen it would probably just be shots of empty locations with people shouting. Sigh… Gone had such potential. Fun fact about Hush, before I got into buffy i was reading a comment by Joss that needless to say spoiled that Willow’s big lesbian turn around would involve somone holding her hand and pushing a vending machine or whatever. for the longest time i assumed it was going to be cordelia, then anya, then Amy. Any of them would be better than Tara. Cordia, I agree with you a hundred percent of the way. Ugly, stoned, retarded cousin. Should’ve been a demon. I’m suppressed Robin didn’t comment on her pointing at a demon, saying a magic word, and then shooting a glowy ball at him. While I’m more okay with magic like that than Robin is, it’s not Buffy magic.

    -The Body. Just puer amazing filmmaking. Nothing more needs to be said. However, here is point i thought I’d bring up about the episodes few “jokes” such as Willow’s constantly changing and looking for the blue sweater. All these things did make me chuckle, but i instantly felt gross for doing so. It’s just like when you find out someone has died, or you go to a funeral. Sometimes people laugh. They’re not demented or messed up, it’s just a weird reflex to a situation you don’t know how to handle.

    -Once More with Feeling and Tabula Rasa – Obviously at this point it should be clear that i was watching only the “gimmicky” episodes. While I do love great moments like buffy vs. angelus and the graduation battle, those are all really just bigger moments in a story arc. If I’m gonna watch Prophecy Girl, I might as well watch the previous dozen episodes that follow it. That being said, it’s great that these two amazing episodes come back to back. Once Joss was clearly plagued with an issue of having the characters say what their feeling without it being like a cheesey musical. His solution was to do a cheesey musical. And it worked as a parody of the entire show as well. Also here is something no one asks, why does Anya think midgets are a threat, let alone could cause an entire town to sing. and is it the town or the world? we never see the scope like we did in Hush. Tabula Rasa on the other hand, I feel like i must defend the loan shark. On one level I agree that the whole kittens thing is silly, i think the joke of the character was hilarious that i got over it. As for him being incidental to the gimmicky episode, the same can be said for the Gentlemen, football Zombies, and Sweet from episodes i mentioned above. They’re there just to be “the conflict” in an episode that wasn’t about the action, but the situation. sure he is not as appropriate for the situation, but he was simple enough that he didn’t completely ruin the episode. And i could totally have been down for this episode being the set up for an entirely new direction of the show. I could watch Randy, Joan, Rupert, and alex for hours.

    In closing

    -Yes, Dracula has been said to turn into a wolf.

    • On that last point – I believe in the book a mysterious wolf is spotted a few times. Once leaving the ship Dracula was on and maybe later in a scene involving Renfield (?). It’s funny that this part of Dracula lore is generally forgotten. Or maybe it’s just that it isn’t paid tribute to all that often.

      • My theory has always been that “vampires” have been added to the “generic fantasy/horror mythos” that Buffy sort of belongs too. this mythos also includes werewolves. While this might work in a stand-alone dracula story, having vampires constantly turn into wolves would clash with werewolves.

        spoilery side note below

        In the season 8 comics, the scoobies are attacked and chased around the world by vampires that can turn into wolves (and panthers) which fulls the idea that dracula is a normal vampire who practices sorcery to amplify and increase his powers.

  5. I obviously think about Buffy too much, but I was recently thinking about Anya’s suggestion to monetize her slayer duties. She actually had a good idea, and other shows have used this idea, like Veronica Mars, where she uses her sleuth skills and connections to make extra cash. Buffy could have started a small bodyguard business just to bring in some cash. (Season 9 spoiler: one of the other slayers actually does this, employing multiple slayers to protect high-end clients.) Sometimes Anya has good ideas!

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