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Robin’s Review: S6, E13 – Dead Things

Synopsis: The Trio develop a cerebral dampener which they plan to use to turn women into sex slaves. Warren finds Katrina, his ex, and brainwashes her. She recovers herself in time to stop anything happening but as she tries to escape Warren kills her. He decides to use a disorienting demon attack to convince Buffy that she killed her. Spike tries to stop Buffy from turning herself in to the police and she beats him down. She stops herself though when she realises who Katrina is. She also confesses all to Tara who tells her that she is not a demon.

The Good: Finally we see the true threat the Trio present, not just the despicable disregard for free will (entirely in keeping with Warren’s creation of a robot girlfriend) but the calculated manipulation of Buffy to deal with it. It seems like Warren, by being human rather than a demon, could turn out to be a formidable Big Bad after all.

The “Sex Slave” spell fits the angle the writers were going for just fine. It’s every teenage boy’s fantasy but when it comes true it quickly dawns on Jonathan and Andrew that abduction and rape are things they hadn’t given much thought to. Warren had though and his bitter desire to use his intelligence to right the “wrongs” in his life is a compelling story. The way he then convinces Buffy that she killed Katrina was cunning and seems to have persuaded Andrew to go along with it though Jonathan remains sceptical and upset. The writers drew the emotions out of the story and defined each member of the Trio.

As for Buffy the revelation that she came back “wrong” plays out in a very interesting and then moving way. Instead of being a science fiction part of the tale it becomes just another psychological crutch. Buffy ignored her responsibilities because of her depression, thinking about the heaven she was torn from. More recently she’s been using the fear over not being human to justify her enjoyment of being with Spike. Now that Tara confirms that she is human Buffy has no excuse to lean on and breaks down in tears over the shame of cavorting with an evil creature. And indeed the guilt she feels in using him when she knows she could never return his love.

There were definitely parallels between Warren’s desire to get Katrina back against her will and Spike’s obsession with Buffy slowly wearing her down. While Warren has a conscience but chooses to ignore it, Spike doesn’t have one. He makes a good utilitarian case for why Buffy shouldn’t be arrested for killing Katrina but Buffy can only see his lack of concern for human life. He isn’t capable of that emotion and Buffy is angry at herself for becoming close to him. As she pounds away at his face I was reminded of Faith hammering her own visage at the end of “Who Are You?” (416). Her depression has led her to stand in the darkness with Spike but she doesn’t really want to be there.

It’s a good moment for Tara who is clearly not going anywhere. Once again she is sweet and understanding and being outside the Scoobies allows Buffy to open up to her.

The Bad: It’s entirely understandable that Dawn would feel that Buffy’s never around. But to make it all about her when Buffy thinks she has murdered someone was deeply unsympathetic. Again it feels like a teenage tantrum that Dawn shouldn’t have turned to with her sister going through a major crisis?

The Unknown: The Season Six struggles with comedy continued with the Trio bickering like children and Spike hiding Katrina’s body only for it to instantly be found by the police (during a serious conversation with Buffy).

Best Moment: Buffy beating Spike as she’s really furious with herself for developing feelings for a demon.

The Bottom Line: A strong episode that brought Buffy’s depression and the Trio together to create a thought provoking and sinister turn of events.




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