Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | September 3, 2013

Cordia’s Review: S6, E18 – Entropy

Season 6, Episode 18
Original airing: 4/30/2002

My Rating: 52

The OK: It’s nice to see Tara and Willow working past their problems enough to reunite. I really like that the separation has allowed Tara to grow as a person and a character. She’s a much stronger personality now and has a place in the world outside of being Willow’s girlfriend.

The Trio are obviously up to something and it’s nice to see the continuing wedge growing in the group. I do wonder about Jonathon’s heightened belligerence though. Seems like a stupid move around a murderer.

The Bad: Dawn continues to flip flop from week to week. This time she was very mature and aware of her problems with stealing and her faulty relationship with Buffy. She was also shockingly understanding the last week’s murder attempt. And she learns Buffy has been sleeping with Spike, she seems completely unfazed. None of this behavior has been explored in prior episodes and Dawn continues to feel like a one-dimensional, jarring character.

Xander was frustrating, but in a way I understand. He’s young still and probably hasn’t worked out the best way to express himself or even understand his own feelings. That being said, this episode does him no favors. He never really apologizes to Anya or owns up to his problems. And then he berates her after she sleeps with Spike. He really has no place to behave in this manner after leaving Anya at the altar last week. And he can forgive Buffy attempting to murder them all, but not her sleeping with Spike? He just seems like a giant jerk.

I also don’t understand Spike’s reaction when Xander attacks him. Spike doesn’t attempt to defend himself at all. He can’t fight back, due to his chip, but he doesn’t even try to block Xander or dodge. He looks like he’s even willing to stand still for a stake to the heart. One thing about Spike is how he’s always fought to live. Even his suicide attempts in season four were half-hearted.

I like the idea of Anya being a vengeance demon again, but her return is very downplayed on that side of things. None of the Scoobies even know about her reacquired powers of destruction. I think there was a lot of possibilities here for her that were passed over to have a montage of her attempts at petty revenge.

Favorite Moment: I honestly don’t have a favorite moment in this episode. Nothing stood out to me as exceptional.

The Bottom Line: This episode should have been interesting with Anya’s return and her newly reacquired demon nature, but it just fell flat for me. I wasn’t a fan of a lot of the ways in which the characters were presented in this episode, but I didn’t hate it.



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