Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | September 17, 2013

Cordia’s Review: S6, E20 – Villains

Season 6, Episode 20
Original airing: 5/14/2002

My Rating: 63

The Good: Truly, I liked a lot of this episode. But it’s a set up episode for the end of the season, so everything I liked falls more in The Unknown category.

One thing I did like was Warren’s deviousness. It fit well with his character to abandon Jonathon and Andrew to their fate, then try and talk himself up in a demon bar. I also thought it was completely believable that he would have a robot of himself lying around to be a decoy. But the ending was difficult, because while I agree Warren deserved to die, I’m not sure anyone deserves to be tortured. And the main thing I want to know about the fallout of Warren’s flaying is how it affects Willow (see The Unknown).

The Bad: I wasn’t a fan of the big Osiris face directly answering Willow. It felt really out of place. I think the desperation of that moment could have been conveyed without it.

I was also definitely disappointed by the use of Clem. It doesn’t make sense for Buffy to leave Dawn alone with him and I find it confusing that the show has introduced him as basically comedic relief, and yet he’s a demon. I would really like for him to be explored and fleshed out a bit more because other demons on the show who are the exception to the “evil” rule have a reason for that; ie, Spike’s chip, Angel’s soul, and Anya’s history with the Scoobies.

The Unknown: Several things were set up in this episode that will need to be resolved before I know how I feel about them.

I’m intrigued by the reveal to the Scoobies that Anya is a vengeance demon again. I figured it was coming eventually, but it happened during a crisis and they didn’t really get to work the situation out. I’m interested to see how the Scoobies will treat Anya now.

I also enjoyed the little Spike teaser. Many questions were raised here, such as: where is he? Who is he talking to? What trials will he undergo? How will those trials affect him? When will he return to Sunnydale? It’s very interesting.

The main thing about the “new” Willow is we don’t know if it’s really her or not. It seems a bit ambiguous at this point if Willow is truly making her own decisions, or if she’s let the magic take control of her body. I think it’s possible this is a similar situation to when Angelus the demon takes over Angel’s body. I don’t know how Willow really feels about murdering and torturing Warren, because the Willow presented at this point is not the regular Willow.

Favorite Moment: I thought Warren’s death was appropriately gruesome and shocking. It really set the stage for the new Dark Willow’s moral ambiguity and truly does make me wonder what’s going to happen to Jonathon and Andrew next time.

The Bottom Line: This is very much a set up episode. Much of this needs to go somewhere before I can determine how I feel about it, but I’m definitely looking forward to the resolutions.


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