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Podcast #126: Two to Go

Here’s the podcast for Season 6, Episode 21 – Two to Go

Willow makes the room spin

Willow makes the room spin

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The next podcast will appear at some point next week (October 7-13th 2013) for episode twenty two of Season Six: “Grave” which picks up where this left off.

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  1. Dark phoenix was introduced as a psuedo alternate personality of Jean Grey. Years later it was ret conned as a cosmic entity that “possesses” people in a sort of traditional sense.

  2. First I gotta say it: “I’m so juiced” has got to be the worst line ever. EVER!

    I was spoiled on so many things before watching Buffy! So I knew about the yellow crayon speech too. It wasn’t terribly effective for me, mostly because I had read it before. What was effective was how Willow just broke down and sobbed. The power is visibly slipping away from her, and she is completely broken and it was very moving.

    Now I wasn’t spoiled on Spike regaining his soul. I completely and totally fell for the misdirection here, where I thought Spike was getting his chip out and was possibly going to be the big bad of season 7. (And because it will come up, Joss always intended for him to get his soul back. They are purposely vague in the language, but it wasn’t an “accident” that he got his soul back when he actually wanted to get the chip removed.) Even this rewatch, I immediately wanted to start season 7 because it is just a fantastic cliffhanger.

    I hated how Xander told Dawn about the attempted rape, and how Dawn told Buffy that she “deserved” to know these things. If that had happened to me, I’m not sure my 15 year old sister would be on the “must know” list. Yeah, another sign of her naivete, but ugh. Buffy doesn’t get to have personal boundaries, does she?

    Tidbits from the commentary:
    – Only season finale not written and/or directed by Joss.
    – Originally wanted Buffy to fight the dragon that escaped from Glory’s hell dimension in The Gift, but the budget was blown on Once More With Feeling.
    – SMG hates the way she laughs on camera, was purposely looking away from camera while laughing
    – David Fury says that Buffy was in heaven with her mom, I’ve not heard that anywhere else, it was interesting although I’m not sure that would be considered canon?
    – Buffy crawls out of a grave again, although it’s on her own terms and she takes Dawn with her
    – they also mentioned that the yellow crayon speech is a reference to the 3rd episode, but I have no idea what they are talking about.

    About season 6 in general, an interesting thing I watched on the DVDs was where one of the writers, I think it was Marti Noxon, said that the season is about growing up, and they chose the Trio as the villains because they are the counterpart to the growing up metaphor – they are unable to grow up.

  3. I haven’t yet watched this but I just want to weigh in on a criticism one of Robin or Cordia had (sorry I don’t remember who!). It’s the idea that Buffy was forgiven easily by her friends for the events in Normal Again so there’s no reason to think Willow won’t be as well.

    I think there’s a minor but important difference between a poisoned Buffy trying to kill her friends and Willow going on a black magic rampage.

    Maybe neither are fully in control of themselves, but at least Buffy didn’t CHOOSE to be poisoned (just like she didn’t choose to be brought back to life). Willow on the other hand chose vengeance (just like she chose to keep using magic earlier in the season).

    Everything that Willow does after Tara’s death can be traced back to her making the choice to kill Warren. If, hypothetically, she kills 15 people now, under the influence of powerful magic, wouldn’t you say it’s her fault? Not the magic’s fault?

  4. I’m curious what everyone else thinks about Dark Willow… Is this Willow, or is she “possessed”? I personally never watched it thinking this was anything other than Willow.

    It’s her feeling the power at her disposal and liking it – and kind of just giving in to it.

    I thought it was pretty black and white but Cordia/Robin have the exact opposite take which is interesting.

    • I’m with you. I never considered that she was possessed, however, it is strange that she refers to herself in the third person.

  5. Also since I don’t know where else to put this… I just found out who Twilight is in Season 8…. WTF! That is all.

  6. Gonna leave a quick one-
    I may be a back seat follower of the Xander is a Douche Club but no one can deny how heartfelt his yellow crayon speech was…
    Also, I figured out that Spike was getting his soul, even though I knew already (those damned spoilers) I figured it out by his whole ‘She’s gonna get what she deserves’ ‘She’s gonna see a change’, if he wanted the chip out, a) he wouldn’t have gone to some, most likely, foreign place to find some tribal people to get it out and b) he can already hurt Buffy and c) he’s doing his for her so why would he make it so that he can hurt humans.
    Could Spike hurt Dark Willow if he wanted to? Does she still count as human or is she more magic than person?

  7. While I’m not a big fan of the DarkWillow story, I like this episode for everything else that’s going on. Buffy/Giles, Anya/Giles, Buffy being happy and finally wanting to live again, the image of them climbing out of the grave, I like Dawn during the fight – she has so much potential when she’s not just whining or making stupid decisions.

    I wanted to punch Xander a little when he threw the attempted rape in Dawn’s face (to make himself feel better), because he was in no place to say anything about that, that should have been Buffy’s decision.
    But I loved his speech to Willow, even though the twenty I love yous may have been a bit cheesy, and the fact that it’s Xander – the normal human – who stops the apocalypse, especially since he spent the last couple of episodes whining about how useless he is and how he has no idea what he’s doing.

    I was spoiled about some plot points throughout the series, so I knew that Spike was going to get his soul back at some point, and I figured that this was gonna be it, but while watching it, I kept thinking that it could go either way and I guess without spoilers I totally would have fallen for the misdirection here.

    And yeah, you came pretty close with the name, so I’m gonna accept that as the english version, so you could just stick with that I guess

  8. Grave

    -Willow torturing Giles is painful to watch. So not the Willow we’re used to.

    -Anya and Giles scenes were sweet. It is interesting how much compassion she has for him given her vengeance demon status. Especially compared with how she was in season 3 before becoming human.

    -Also, I love that whenever Anya hugs Giles (not just in this episode, but in previous ones as well), it’s always like this big jolting bear hug?

    -Best Dawn scene so far when she confronts Buffy for not telling her about Spike. She brings up the point that I’m pretty sure you guys have discussed about how Buffy, no matter how hard she tries, cannot truly protect Dawn from bad things. People keep dying, bad things happen, its the nature of living on the hellmouth.

    -For me, this is a great season finale, and it has my number 1 favorite Buffyverse moment. The Xander/Willow scene had me bawling the first time I watched, and it still, after several watches, gives me chills. The fact that it is Xander who saves the world is just perfect. He may not have super powers or magic, but he has a way with words. (I’m remembering his speech to Buffy at the start of season 4 reminding her that she was a hero; his hero.) Words are Xander’s power. Nicholas Brendan said in an interview that the original script did not contain the now infamous “Yellow Crayon Speech.” I can’t imagine the episode without it. The Xander/Willow friendship is unique in this show in that they have known each other, and been friends, for so much longer than any of the other characters on the show. Who else should know how to get through to Willow better than Xander? That is part of what makes their scene so emotional for me, and why it really had to be Xander that saves Willow from herself.

    Trivia and random stuff I noticed:
    -Not the first time they’ve pulled the bad guy hides behind dead/unconciuous characters. Kakistos and the motel worker comes to mind.

    -Willow has a thing with using knives and magic in combination. Glory got this trick in Tough Love as well.

    -Magic Box set was kind of intentionally destroyed as they were going to build new sets for season 7 in its place.

    -When Xander slips and almost falls into the hole with Buffy and Dawn, if you watch on Netflix, or in any widescreen version of the episode, you can see that there is a crew member just off screen holding his belt loop so that he doesn’t actually fall in.

    -The tree monsters Buffy and Dawn fight were originally supposed to be tar monsters in the sewers, but for budget reasons, we got trees instead.

    -Interesting connection I noticed, during both season finales (2 and 6) when we have one of the Core Four grieving over a lost significant other there is a Sarah McLachlan song to end the episode.

    -The only Buffy season finale not written and directed by Joss

    -2nd time Giles has been called Jeeves (1st was by alternate reality Buffy in the Wish)

    -Apparently Nicholas Brendan let a mouse loose on set as a joke during the Buffy and Willow fight scene in the Magic Box.

  9. Also on the Willow/Xander scene, the fact that Xander has no supernatural power is, in this case, an asset. Unlike Buffy, Giles and even Anya, he poses no physical threat to Willow’s power, and she knows that. This makes what he says and does all the more genuine. He’s not trying to trick her into letting her guard down so he can over power her, he really is doing it because he loves her no matter what. Willow never had any intentions of harming someone she deemed innocent, only those who did her wrong or who posed a physical/supernatural threat to her. So when she sees herself hurting Xander, not only an innocent who has done nothing to hurt her but also her best friend of 15 or 16 years, the reality of what she has become begins to sink in.

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