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Podcast #131: Same Time, Same Place

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 3 – Same Time, Same Place



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The next podcast will appear on Monday 18th November 2013  for episode four of Season Seven: “Help.” The one where Buffy helps a student at school who wants to kill herself.

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  1. “Help” is another really strong episode from season seven which I honestly remember being the worst of all the them, yet so far I’ve enjoyed this more than the previous maybe three seasons.

    It wasn’t perfect I don’t know Brad Taylor from Home Improvement was trying to but I doubt Tim Allen would be pleased. For a second I thought they were summoning the snake demon that the frat boys were going to sacrifice Buffy and Cordelia in “Reptile Boy” but sadly no, instead it existed to give Buffy something to fight. Though I did like that Buffy lost in this episode which was a nice heart wrenching twist.

    The montage of Buffy counseling kids was really awkward. I know it was supposed to be funny, most of it was not, but the encounter with Tomas (a name I only know because I wanted to know if he was going to appear again) was way too long and way too serious to be a throwaway. In fact it really felt like the prologue of an Oscar bait movie, by the way based on a true story, where the beautiful white woman counselor Buffy teaches the young minority student down his luck to believe in himself. (Spoiler Alert! His brother die in the war. I’m imagining Buffy adopts him after finding out herself that she can’t have children. Really it just writes itself people.)

    But as I said there was many things to like here, I remembered not liking Cassie but again my memory failed me. The actress really pulled off the vibe they were going for with the character. She was a little off putting and “weird” but there was also a sweetness where I bought that Dawn would really like her as a friend. She did seem a little bit too detached but I’m pretty sure that was intentional and not a fault of the actress.

    I thought Spike worked better here than he has in every episode so far this season. I’m still not a fan of this direction but I do accept that they have to do something to him now that he has a soul.

    While this was a very Buffy focused story I did like a) that the scoobies were researching together and b) the little scene of Willow visiting Tara’s grave, included with another nice explanation of magic courteous of Xander.

    Lastly I want to comment on the “Same Time, Same Place” podcast. I suppose it was a bit harsh to say not telling the Scoobies reflects poorly on Buffy because I didn’t really mean that.

    Mostly I don’t want to see a retread of the Angel situation from season three as just as a viewer. But there’s also a part of me where I do feel that Buffy should know better than to hide this secret. A big part of season six was that the characters just didn’t talk to each other and that caused all kinds of problems both in the real world of the show and the experiences watching it. I feel like Buffy should know that keeping Spike’s soul a secret will cause more problems in the long run than telling them (I’m mainly thinking Xander here) outright. If season six proved anything this secret keeping didn’t make for compelling TV.

    I know I’m VP of the Xander’s a Douche Club but I think he’s matured enough where Buffy can talk to him about her conflicted feelings about Spike getting a soul for her or at least tell him that information without him going all Vampires bad! Wasn’t that the point of their reconciliation in “Seeing Red” after Xander finds out about Buffy sleeping with Spike? Spike getting a soul is different than Angel coming back l in that they have all matured at this point and most of the reason Buffy kept Angel coming back a secret was that she was still in love with him. I’d think Buffy would want to know how Spike got his soul back more (and need help with that) than grant Spike privacy.

  2. Like Derek, I’m keep waiting for this season to go wrong, as I have it in my memory but Help certainly doesn’t seem dreadful.

    I liked Cassie a lot (I guess her name is a Cassandra reference – Greek myth about the woman who could see the future), with her vague but very sweet nature. I found her speech about how she would like to grow up and do normal things affecting and sad. She made a very tragic figure.

    I also found the use of Spike here much better than last week. I felt so sorry for him when he asks Buffy to stay with him to help him be quiet. I guess the whole point of him getting a soul back is that he will suffer and so we should feel sorry for him – but I hadn’t felt that until this scene.

    Not sure about Spike hitting the guy who wanted to kill Cassie despite his chip. It could be fine if it’s somehow explained that something to do with getting a soul has changed his molivation, like if his desperation for redemption is so great that he can overcome a pain that previously had him paralysed. Or it could be a writing convenience that will be overlooked and forgotten about…

    Sort of unsure about Buffy being a counsellor – it seems a pretty responsible job and she’s had no experience or training. I’m pretty sure going to a pupil’s parent and pointedly accusing them of child abuse would go against some sort of protocol.

    • Oh, I forgot to add how much I hated the “Hood” joke with Buffy and Principal Woods. Just embarrassingly dreadful – surely it doesn’t paint Buffy in a good light to suggest she can’t even imagine a black person being from a middle class background…..

  3. I loved Cassie. She was acted perfectly, sad but resigned, despondent. I loved that it was another situation where Buffy couldn’t help, like Tara and Joyce. Those are the most poignant. Help reminds me in tone of when Buffy’s Slayer powers were taken away as a test.. Wasn’t that episode called “Helpless” or something?

  4. Few thoughts on the last podcast:

    You asked when Giles became affiliated with the council again. I believe there was an episode in season 5 where Buffy demanded that Giles be reinstated with back pay. 

    Xander’s bragging over saving the day with his words is interesting when you compare it to his silence in The Zeppo. Apparently he decided that saving the world warrants bragging now 🙂

    I liked Help ok, but it wasn’t anything special. Cassie was played wonderfully, except for that awful death scene. A lot of the best parts of the episode are all the prophecies and guessing what Cassie means by them.

  5. This has been bugging me, and I may have just missed it, but I believe you missed an internal reference in “Same Time, Same Place”.

    Around the time Anya and Willow were doing magic together, I remember Anya constantly mentioning the word sexy, and after it all ended saying something along the lines of “Well that was kind of sexy, wasn’t it?”

    This may be a reference to back in season 4 when Magic was used as a metaphor for lesbianism with Willow and Tara, at least that’s how I saw it.

    Too bad I realized I’m a little late with this comment, as you two have likely recorded already. In other news, happy third!

  6. Help:

    – This was a good misdirect episode. Even on rewatch, I was surprised when the Scoobies came out of the coffins and when the jerky guy turned out to be the leader of the coven. In some sense, the whole episode is a misdirect – we think that Buffy stopped the demon, then that she stopped the arrow, but it turns out she’s fighting fate. The ending caught me totally by surprise the first time, and was heartbreaking, great TV.

    – There was some nice subtle camera work. The silent shot of Xander watching Cassie’s drunk dad, and picture of Joyce in the background when Buffy and Dawn talk about how much they want to save Cassie, were both very understated and effective.

    – The last shot of Buffy going back to work is great. That’s what she does – save who she can and show up the next day to try again.

    – Two hints for future episodes? (1) Cassie tells Spike “Someday she’ll tell you.” (2) The coven leader gets bitten. Are we going to see him again?

    – Speaking of the coven leader, is Buffy going to just let him go after attempting murder?

  7. Just heard the podcast, and I’m in Robin’s camp on the job. We’ve seen in Season Six that Buffy’s not really a good fit for any job, and that shows here.

    As for why Buffy is a guidance counselor at all – well, I guess it’s possible that Wood knows more than he’s telling, or this could just be the same hiring policy that allowed Snyder to hire Willow as a substitute computer instructor. Maybe it’s so hard to keep staff at Sunnydale High that the school board grants some flexibility.

    One last point – maybe it’s just a reaction to the last couple seasons, but I LOVE Buffy as a guidance counselor. It opens up the possibility of these monster of the week episodes and helps connect Dawn to the Scoobies. I don’t know if I would want to watch three more seasons of Buffy Summers, Highschool guidance counsellor, but I’m definitely interested in watching one.

  8. Ummmm… Maybe I missed it and someone already said this but… How can Giles be in a meeting all day when it’s the middle of the night in the UK? (Rhyme :))

    • I now find myself very disappointed with Robin that he didn’t catch this. Well done. – Cordia

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