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Podcast #132: Help

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 4 – Help

Buffy tries to save Cassie

Buffy tries to save Cassie

Download: Help

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 25th November 2013  for episode five of Season Seven: “Selfless.” The one where Anya crosses a line and Buffy decides it’s time to deal with her.

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  1. I’m not a fan of this Anya episode. I.don’t really feel the anguish of Buffy needing to kill Anya. I don’t feel sorry for Anya at the end (though I did like the subtle acting when Anya tries to put her hands in her pockets, but doesn’t have any). I didn’t even like the olden times parts (which I usually love). Anya’s just not character enough for me to feel deeply about these events. She hates bunnies, but loves money and that’s about it.

    I did like the glimpse of dark eyed Willow and the call back to her symbol to call dhofram (however it’s spelled). Also Buffy’s speech about “The Slayer is always alone” was pretty good. It’s also just way too problematic that Spike has been spared for very dubious reasons since season 4, and but Buffy decides to kill Anya before even trying to talk to her.

  2. I have mixed feelings on this one….

    I’m a fan of the 9th century scenes. I know it’s a fairly cheap laugh but I found the stilted languages of the subtitles really funny and I’m always a sucker for an origins story.

    I also enjoyed seeing Willows magic having such a bad influence on her state of mind. It’s reminding us of her huge abilities but also her problems if she uses them.

    Spike talking to the two Buffies is intriguing.

    Xander is given lots to do and his character as loyal defender of those he loves is further cemented.

    Mostly like the scene with Willow, Xander and Buffy talking over what to do with Anya. I like the idea of Buffy having this great responsibility of her duty, her reminding everyone about having to kill Angel, the call-back to Xander’s fabricated message from Willow which isn’t really explored – which I thought felt very realistic. I just wasn’t completely sure about Buffy’s sudden decision to kill Anya. I know she says that she was aware it might come to this but we haven’t heard her talking about it at all.

    And what I really dislike is the cheap trick of apparently killing Anya and then her doing a quick intake of breath – now she’s fine. Then again we believe she’s going to die when she volunteers to sacrifice herself – oh no it’s just going to be her best demon friend to get it. I can almost accept the idea that it will hurt her more than just killing her but also it’s very handy that the writers get to keep Anya too.

  3. Hi!
    This episode really moved me at the end- Anya’s finally being treated by the writers to have real human emotions, first feeling actual proper guilt when she killed the frat boys and then grief at the end when D’Hoffryn (spelling?) killed Halfrek. The only other time that I can remember when I really felt Anya’s humanistic emotions come out was when she walked down the aisle alone in Hell’s Bells.

    I really like the magic overpowering Willow in the scene in the frat house. Once again it shows that that part of her is still there and she has to control it.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the long-awaited Anya Buffy scene!

  4. Sorry – forgot to say that I don’t mind the slight change in quality of the podcast if it makes your life easier – just very grateful that you do them….

    • I didn’t even notice 🙂

  5. I never really had a big problem with the characterization of Anya, but this episode really showed that she has always defined herself by what she does or who she’s with, and when you take that away there’s not that much left, which seems really problematic for a character we’ve known for over three seasons. But I still felt really sad for her at the end of this episode and I’m interested where they go from here.
    One detail I liked though was the fact that Anya has always been strangly literal and that that’s not some ex-demon thing, as I would have thought.

    It was also nice to see the bad side of D’Hoffryn, because until now, at least as far as I can remember, he always seemed really nice for someone who’s supposed to be the boss of the vengeance demons.

    Spike’s scene felt like, well he’s in the credits so we might as well have him in the episode. But it was a good reminder that he’s still seeing things, and doesn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between who the real Buffy is and who’s not.

    And Mareike: Mar-, ei as in I, -ke as in you do pronouce both letters, kind of like the first two letters of Ke-ntucky. And the emphasis on the ei 🙂

  6. Bit of a shameless plug as it comes from my own blog but I made a comparison gifset of the ending scene of “Selfless” and one of the final scene of “Hell’s Bells”.

    I thought there were some interesting parallels such as: Anya watches Xander leave in “Selfless”. her back is turned in “Hell’s Bells”. As Anya walks down the altar she gets even more dejected, walking down the sidewalk she picks herself up. And of course while one scene is dramatically darker in tone (“Hell’s Bells”) it is much better lit.

  7. It’s about time we got an Anya centric episode. I liked the flashbacks
    because it shows us what Anya was like before being a demon and how she
    became one. Although I think it should have came seasons ago, but better
    late than never. I like seeing how Anya is dealing with her feelings and how
    it affects her as a vengeance demon. I love the scene where Buffy, Xander and
    Willow are discussing about what to do with Anya. I really felt for Buffy
    when she was talking about killing Angel. If anyone knows how difficult it
    is to kill someone you love, it’s Buffy. And I like that she told them that
    having to kill Anya is something that she has thought about before. I understand
    Xander doesn’t want Anya dead, but he should know that this isn’t an easy decision for Buffy. I like how Anya says that Buffy is just doing
    her job because its true. Anya is just doing her job as a vengeance demon,
    even though its a bad thing, and so its Buffy’s job to slay demons. And
    Xander can’t see all that because he is blinded by his love for Anya. I
    really liked the end fight scene. It’s always more tense when Buffy has to
    fight her friends but I like seeing Anya in a real fight. Although Anya
    seems a little too confident that Buffy’s not going to win. After seeing
    Buffy fight demons the last few years, I don’t know what makes Anya think
    she can take Buffy. Other than her teleportation power. The only thing I didn’t like was having to read subtitles, but it made sense that they would be speaking their native language. I read somewhere that Emma Caulfield wanted to learn how to speak the language and deliver the lines, rather than, the original plan, of lip syncing the dialogue. So kudos to her for that. Even though I really enjoyed this episode, I didn’t really feel for Anya though. And I was didn’t like that D’hoffryn just kills off Halfreck so quickly, but I do like that we get to see the evil side of D’hoffryn.

  8. I really enjoyed this episode. It’s nice to finally learn something from Anya’s past and to see the scoobies dealing with her being a demon again.
    My favourite scene ist when Anya is sitting between the dead frat boys and trying to wash off all the blood from her skin. Although it’s a unbelievable that she missed such a big spot which Willow later sees on her hand.
    It seems Anya always has been a blunt, strange speaking woman. I also noticed that she is wearing her vengeance demon necklace again. Finally, Xanders “betrayal” (from S2 Becoming) is revealed but Buffy is too angry to notice it.
    I like Anya singing again. It’s a very rough cut but I like the singing Anya in her wedding gown one second and the stabbed Anya in the present the other second.
    Ok, it’s a bit strange that the dead bodies arte still in the frat house and no one called the police yet. On the other hand, how could they explain when the frat boys come to life again and wake up in the morgue?
    I also liked the reference to Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favourite writers (Scream Montresor all you like, pet).

    Some interesting points from the dvd commentary:
    * the director called this episode “our love letter to Emma Caufield”

    * The scene with Olaf and Aud/Anya was supposed to be dubbed, they were going to speak in swedish but voice it over badly in english. They translated the dialogues to Swedish, so the actors had something to move their mouths to. And they said that the actors don’t nee to learn it that well because it won’T be heard. But it was so funny watching them speak Swedish, so they decided not ot dub it, only subtitle it.

    * There was a viking king named Olaf whose wife was Aud and she was knwon for her sense of humour and her ability to manage money well.

    * Sarah Michelle Gellar only had 3 days time for shooting because her wedding was around this time. When she’s talking with Xander in the basement, that’s her wedding hair..she has it in all the scenes I think.

    * Originally, instead of refering to Once more with feeling they wanted to flash back to Hush but it was too difficult to explain that Anya still defines her through Xander without any words.

    * The writer of this episode was Drew Goddard, but the last scene between Xander and Anya was written by Joss.

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