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Podcast #133: Selfless

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 5 – Selfless

D'Hoffryn the pimp

D’Hoffryn the pimp

Download: Selfless

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 2nd December 2013  for episode six of Season Seven: “Him.” The one where a highschool footballer is getting a lot of attention from the ladies.

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  1. The “good times” comment by Xander was quite possibly my favorite character moment of the entire series–that is pretty much a dead on representation of how male ego works.
    (If I may reply to the 703 podcast here, yes, I am a ridiculously harsh critic of the shows I watch. I enjoy the forum here provided by The Rewatch because it not only allows for nitpickers like myself, but all viewers and listeners to express their opinion. Thanks to Cordia and Robin, it is much appreciated!)

  2. Hey Cordia and Robin! I have been listening for awhile, and I have wanted to comment several times, but I haven’t had time. I wanted to mention your comment about Willow not wanting to to along with Buffy to fight Anya because she feared doing magic. I always interpreted that differently. Buffy asks who is going with her, and I thought Willow just didn’t want to be a part of killing Anya, especially in light of the fact that she was “recently evil.” I really don’t think it has anything to do with magic, so much as it is a reflection of her reservations to hunt and kill Anya. I also wanted to comment on the fact that Buffy’s attitude when fighting Anya and Willow was a bit self righteous and unlike her. I felt that when she fought Willow, there was none of the compassion and friendship that we have often seen Buffy portray in the past to her friends. I don’t know if Buffy has just aquired a “hardness” throughout the years because of all the killing she has had to do and he sacrifices she has had to make. I will say this, I am always on Buffy’s side, but when Willow says that she really deserves to have her ass kicked, I’m not sure a disagree with that. There is a level of self righteousness that is very apparent in the 7th season especially, that for the first time makes the Buffy character somewhat unlikable. She makes exceptions for the men in her life that have done evil things, but jumps on the chance to kill Anya, because she is not emotionally involved with her. I do not think she seems upset for herself, but more for Xander.

    • I always sort of thought that Buffy never wanted to actually kill Dark Willow, just incapacitate her until they can talk some sense into her. So she wasn’t as serious about it. But that she felt she had no choice but to kill Anya because she was a demon.

    • Magic being a reason for Willow not wanting to go with Buffy never crossed my mind. I agree I read it as Willow didn’t want to be apart of killing Anya. Willow and Anya has gone through a lot since “Dopplegangland.” Willow didn’t like or trust Anya at first sure. But since then Willow has realized the goodness and care Anya has for her loved ones. I think “Triangle” and “The Body” especially. They worked together not only fighting demons but also resurrecting Buffy. Lastly I feel Willow probably sees Anya as a good friend now due to Anya asking her to be a bridesmaid and helping Willow in “Same Time, Same Place.”

  3. Him – Not very keen on this episode

    Why doesn’t Buffy and Willow go funny over RJ when they see him in the club as he was wearing the magic jacket then?

    Why does Anya rob a bank? – seems a bit random.

    Buffy’s betrayal of Dawn seemed really horrible – it would be such a cruel thing to do to your love-sick 16 year old sister. Just jarred a bit with the obviously humourous tone they were going for.

    And maybe this is because I’m a mum but I found Buffy’s seduction of a young boy (how old is he supposed to be? is he even legal?) kind of grim. I’m sure he doesn’t mind and she isn’t that much older but betrayal of position of trust etc etc – yet more protocols that counseller Buffy is riding roughshod over.

    Also the dash to get to Dawn before the train runs her over was oddly staged. They don’t seem to park from her and yet Buffy has to do this massive run to get to her.

    Strangely I did find Spike tackling Buffy in the background of Principal Wood’s office incredibly funny…..

    • Sorry – now I’ve re-read my comment it sounds really moany – I didn’t dislike the episode that much and I can understand that a lot of people find it very funny – just a lot of small things detracted from my enjoyment overall

      • Thanks for clarifying Kate, I wouldn’t want any moaning on my podcasts…

      • If this was moan-y then my voicemail is not going to be received well…

  4. With the holidays, time ran away from me and I didn’t get around to doing another voicemail. My thoughts are brief this week anyway.

    Him is kind of ridiculous, but I thought it was a pretty fun episode. My favorite moment is definitely the Spike Buffy tackle over the rocket launcher. I think it’s my favorite moment in the entire series! I do think the flashback to Bewitched (etc) was not needed, most references are casual and seem organic, this seemed jarring with the cutaway.

  5. I thought the comedy was relatively funny, but most of the Dawn-related drama was a jarring mismatch. When Dawn was being funny, she fit fine, but when she got whiny, it just reminded me of last season.

    The attempted suicide was even worse – the other three love crazed characters are all doing comic relief, while Dawn is trying to kill herself? Yuck. Sometimes mixes comedy and melodrama very well, but it usually has to be mixed in a single character who is doing stuff that is funny and serious at the same time. Here, the shift from comic Buffy and Willow (and would be comic Anya) to serious Dawn just felt jarring.

    I did like Buffy’s speech to Dawn about giving up RJ for her, and some of the comedy was quite good. (I especially liked “Right there with you,” “I can work around it” and Xander’s plan). I’d probably give this a low-mid 60s score if I did that sort of thing.

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