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Podcast #134: Him

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 6 – Him

24...oh no it is Buffy

24…oh no it is Buffy

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 16th December 2013  for episode seven of Season Seven: “Conversations with Dead People.” The one where a bunch of familiar faces return for a chat.

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  1. Nobody died in “Witch,” and the Wiki says is the first time that’s happened, at episode three, so it must have happened again.

    • Also, they probably had Angel punching vamps around during Graduation because it’s cheaper than the dusting effect.

      Also, i don’t know if I’ve said this before, but thanks for the shout out to the podcast. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it without you guys.

  2. The Dawn part of this episode is scary! Also why did that thing take the shape of Cassie instead of Tara? Could Tara have gotten Willow to kill herself?

    • From what I understand they tried to get Amber Benson for that episode but she wouldn’t do it because it would’ve cheapened her role as Tara which I think is a bunch of crap because I would’ve loved to see Tara come back.I’ve also heard that she was too busy to come back as well so believe what you will I guess. I don’t know what the she was so buys with that she couldn’t come back for one episode.

      • I am not sure why Amber Benson didn’t come back but she definitely was supposed to be in this episode, so much so that the shooting script has Tara in it. If anyone wants to read it it’s online, I think Cassie does a really good job but it would have been way more emotional seeing Tara, especially at the evil turn.

      • I think that it really works having Cassie instead of Tara, here’s this girl who Willow’s never met but who she still identified with (sort of implied in Help) who managed to convince Willow that she actually was communicating from the dead. If it had been Tara it wouldn’t have worked- it would have changed too quickly from “Oh Tara I’ve missed you so much” “I know, I miss you too” to “Tara why are you telling me to do these things?” “Come to me, kill yourself!” It definitely wouldn’t tie up Tara’s story so the fact we have this one time character worked really well for me.

  3. Also internal reference Dawn is talking to Kit the girl she met in the premiere on the phone so yay for Dawn gaining friends her own age. Even if her choice in pizza toppings and her safety practices should be called into question.

  4. Everytime I see the header image for this podcast I keep hearing the 24 clock now

  5. I just read the script with the Tara bits and I think I would have been crying too hard to hear much of anything else!

    Here’s a quote from Amber Benson:
    “But it was horrible how she died, and the first time there had ever been anything really violent like that on Buffy. I don’t think it was that [producer] Joss [Whedon] was conscious of the lesbian death stereotype when he did was he did. He always told us that Willow and Tara were based on friends of his and his wife’s. He actually wanted me to come back, but as a bad Tara. It was my choice not to do that. It would have hurt too many people.”

  6. Well the Dawn part was creepy. Was that the same song on the radio that played when Buffy was crying in the kitchen at some point in season 5? That’s an awesome radio station.

    I found the whole conversation between Buffy and Holden really interesting, but I couldn’t get over the absurdity of the situation where she’s pouring her heart out to this guy she may or may not remember from high school and occasionally they fight to the death.

    I also would have liked to see Tara again but I think it works well with Cassie, especially considering these characters hadn’t even met before, and the emotion was there. What I would be interested in is, if she hadn’t gone as far as to suggest suicide, would this have worked to keep Willow from doing magic again which would probably be useful when your plan is to devour everything. That thing sure knows what buttons to push.

    Also, if this all happens at roughly the same time and they’re all dealing with the same “thing” then that would mean that it can be at at least three places at once?

    And once more (with feeling), in the end you both said my name wrong again, but Robin did get it right once (and then ruled it out again because it sounded weird or whatever?) It’s a german name if that helps, we pronounce our es differently, so the Ke in Kentucky is actually pretty much it. But I’m not offended, I’m entertained

  7. I liked this episode very much – I thought the strongest thread was definitely Buffy and Holden with its mix of horror/action and comedy/psychology that felt very classic Buffy. Holden might be my favourite one episode characters (as soon as I type that I imagine listening to the poscast next week and hearing Robyn say “have we had anyone less believable than Holden?!” but I’ll stick to by guns…) And it was nice to hear Buffy talking about herself and what she was thinking back in the last season.

    It was good to see Cassie again. I had heard that they had wanted Tara to appear but Amber Benson wasn’t able or didn’t want to do it – I don’t think it was a dreadful loss although learning that does make some of the discussion about how Tara couldn’t actually be there herself seem a bit forced. I think it made a great sad moment when Cassie reports that Tara is crying – felt even stronger than seeing her crying. The only thing that I was a little disappointed by was that Willow realizes that she is being played by the end of the episode. I would have thought the plot would be more interesting if Willow was still scared about using magic.

    Dawn’s section was pretty scary. It was good that she managed to sort out everything herself. If I could just change one thing though – it would be nice if her scream was just slightly lower pitch.

    As usual, Jonathan and Andrew were not the best thing about this episode but I liked how it drew us into liking Jonathan just before he gets stabbed

  8. My favorite part of this episode happens in just a few seconds of airtime. I love seeing Buffy’s note, where she leaves Dawn some money to buy dinner, “NO PIZZA!”, followed by Dawn eating pizza and chanting about anchovies. It’s fun to see the sisters playing off each other even without sharing screen time.

    Apart from that, I really enjoyed both Dawn’s and Buffy’s threads. Dawn seeing her mother was heartbreaking, especially since she fought so hard to get to her, only to have such a brief and unsatisfying interaction with her. Buffy talking about serious issues with a stranger (and a vampire) rather than her friends rang true.

    Finally, I really liked the actor who played Holden. He was so good he almost made me forget that we never saw him before, even though he was supposed to have gone to high school with Buffy.

  9. Hey Robin and Cordia. Long time no comment. Without getting into too many details I had the chance to be a fire dancer in a circus on Vancouver island, but I had to give up both my apartment and my job for the privilege. I’m back in Southern Ontario now though with a new roof and my old job, and the only downside left is my need to catch up with you all yet again. I am rushing my way through and will try not to comment to much but I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to defend the writers over their portrayal of dark Willow.

    I can agree that for a casual viewer Dark Willow would appear very much to be as new a character as vampire Willow but having seen the show enough times to be able to re-watch all seven seasons in my head if I wanted to, there are a few things I have picked up that most may not have.

    Her look: The top Dark Willow (DW) is wearing was worn by Red WIllow (RW) in the episode Dark Things when she runs into Tara outside of the Magic Box. The pants where worn by RW to Buffy’s birthday party so aside from the hair eyes and veins meant to reprisent power, DWs look did come from RWs wardrobe.

    Her actions: Aside from her search for vengeance, DW did nothing truly evil. I have no problem believing it had occurred to RW that Dawn would be better off as a ball of glowing energy that could feel no emotional pain, or that Buffy had served out her time and should have remained in the ground where she was happy. She RW would never take action on these thoughts not because they where evil, but because she had hope that both women would find a way through their issues and be happy in life. DW has no hope, and in a world with no hope killing Dawn and Buffy would be a kindness.
    Also She does not kill Anya because there is no cause to. DW has no sympathy for Anya’s pain therefore no reason to end it.
    Finally when She gets ‘juiced’ by Giles and takes on magic that was specifically designed to re-connect her to not only her own humanity but also to humanity in general, her response is to try to end all pain for everyone. End the world, end the grief.

    Third person talk: DW refers to RW in the third person because she wants so badly not to feel the pain of loss, this is why she chose to go dark in the first place, if she is focused on revenge she is not focused on missing Tara. Accepting that she herself is RW would be accepting that she herself misses Tara and that could bring down the magic internal wall she has built between herself and her grief.

    Conclusion: Dark willow is not evil dark, she is sad Dark. Still Willow though if you look hard enough. I agree the writing did not serve this knowledge well, but if you are willing to look hard enough our Red Willow is most definitely still in there.

    Sorry Got a bit more intense than I meant to but lets face it this is one of the bigger story arks of the seven seasons so I hope you can forgive me.

    I have no flights of fancy planned for the near future so I look forward to catching up soon (with much fewer comments on what I have missed I hope) and sticking with you both until the end.

    Regards Nicki.

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