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Cordia’s Review S7, E07 – Conversations With Dead People

Conversations with Dead People
Season 7, Episode 7
Original airing: 11/12/2002

My Rating: 72

The Good: This was a fun little set of vignettes which gave some nice peaks into a few of our main characters worlds. I found it quite enjoyable.

The return of Jonathon and Andrew felt like a nice boost to the story. Andrew’s obsession with Warren has allowed the Big Bad to manipulate him into most likely helping it enter the world or something of that like. It certainly seems like Jonathon’s blood gets all over something very ritualistic and opening-like. The show did a good job of making me feel bad for Jonathon’s death, as well. His moment of reflection about looking at the past with rose colored glasses was sweet and it felt like he really was just lost and needed someone to guide him. The idea of him joining the Scoobies felt true and realistic as he’s been hovering on the outside since Season Two.

Willow’s interactions with Cassie were particularly heartrending. It was difficult to watch Willow believe she was talking to Tara and then learn Cassie was playing her. I also feel like this may have played the Big Bad’s hand a bit. It must be scared of Willow’s magic to try and trick her into committing suicide. It’s nice to know the Scoobies could be a match for something that can fold its body inside out (ewwww….).

Dawn’s vignette felt the most awkward. Her willingness to believe her mom is trying to contact her felt wrong. It seems like she should have suspected this was all a trap. But it was nice to see her determination. I was actually grimacing with her at the end of the spell when her face was all cut up and her mouth was full of blood. And it was heartbreaking to have Joyce appear and tell Dawn Buffy wouldn’t protect her.

Spike’s five short scenes were actually very interesting. Completely without dialogue, he conveys his own going depression, a sense of bashfulness with this new woman, and finally strikes a dagger into the heart of the viewers when he mercilessly kills her. I see a stark contrast between this attack and his incredible self-doubt when Drusilla tried to get him to kill a girl in the Bronze (S5E14). He strikes quickly and surely here. It’s been so long since we’ve seen him be truly violent and attack a human with abandon. I was quite shocked. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Finally, I thought the humor balance in the scenes with Buffy and Holden were excellent. Despite this being his first appearance, Holden is one of those characters who enters the show fully formed. I believe he went to high school with Buffy and seemed in awe of her. I believe from his interest in psychiatry that he would bounce back and forth from conversation to battle. It all worked really well. And using him to reveal Spike’s feeding before we actually saw it made the act even more powerful. My first reaction to Holden’s statement is that it must be a lie. But then the show gives it to us on a silver platter. Well edited.

The Bad: I don’t have any particular complaints. I thought this was a very interesting, well done episode.

Favorite Moment: I have two favorite moments and at this point I refuse to choose between them.

Willow’s tearful calls to the air assuming she’s talking to Tara was heartbreaking and portrayed very well. It was capped off by Cassie’s comment that “[Tara] is crying.”

Secondly, I really liked Jonathon’s moment of acceptance. His comments about missing high school were nicely nostalgic and I loved his belief that no matter what, he needed to protect the people of Sunnydale.

The Bottom Line: I really enjoyed this episode. Each story kept me wrapped up and interested and the implication of the Big Bad’s ability to be multiple people in multiple places ups the ante for its power. All of this felt like one huge tease and I can’t wait to see some of it play out.


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