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Podcast #138: Bring on the Night

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 10 – Bring on the Night

The Turok-Han

The Turok-Han

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 13th January 2014  for episode eleven of Season Seven: “Showtime.” Buffy must fight the Turok-Han again.

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  1. Hi guys!

    Its mike. Its been a really long time!
    Unfortunately i need to catch up on
    A LOT !

    I see you’re about halfway through
    The last season. Its almost coming to
    An end!

    I was wondering what show you are
    Going to rewatch next? I will try my
    Best to follow that podcast as well!

    Hope you both had great holidays and
    Here is to more podcasting in 2014!

    – mike

    • They haven’t announced the next show. I’m voting for Angel or Fringe.

      • I’m worried if they chose Angel…those early seasons could be a little rough. But I love season 5! Favorite season of the Buffyverse.

        I’m hoping Firefly and would actually like to see Robin review Serenity…I think a movie review would actually be interesting, but since it plays on the audiences understanding of the show I think it could work.

  2. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue a subject as complex as Spike from such a limited fashion but here I go again.

    I really think it boils down to if you think Spike is sympathetic before his soul. I didn’t and now that he has one it has been presented like he was a sympathetic character. I don’t hate the Spike stories in idea I just don’t feel anything. It’s not the vehement hatred I feel for Andrew or Forrest it’s more just ambivalence akin to Riley. (Yes I just compared Riley to Spike, deal with it). James Marsters is a far superior actor to all of the three I just mentioned in his role but I just don’t care anymore. He’s completely defined by his relationship to Buffy and I’m bored with it. It doesn’t help that besides a few scenes with Buffy Spikes stories in season seven have been pretty poorly executed.

    OK other point, yes cursing a soul and being gifted your soul by a cave monster equally ridiculous. However witches were introduced in the third episode of the show so magical gypsies essentially the same thing. Angel was given a whole episode to explain his soul. Then they spent an entire half a season trying to get it back. The cave monster is ridiculous because it was never set up before he appeared. His appearance was misdirected out the ying-yang with Spike calling Buffy the bitch every other scene. Then they never explain how Spike knew about this thing and no one treats like a big deal. I would seriously hope the decision to re ensoul Spike was one they planned ahead but the presentation was they made it up just for those episodes. Equally ridiculous but horrendously presented.

  3. Missed a couple of weeks over Christmas so I just wanted to comment on the last few episodes kind of as a whole.

    I wanted to add to the discussion about the problems with a lack of development about the First. It feels like it sounded like an excellent baddie on paper. It should be creepy and disturbing that it can impersonate people (at least dead ones) in order to manipulate but it doesn’t manage to achieve much. Feels like a missed opportunity. Joyce talks to Buffy about evil being in us all and that felt like it could have gone somewhere – maybe making Buffy feel her fight is impossible – but it fails. Likewise the First taking Buffy’s form to taunt Spike never felt like it was actually getting anywhere. Perhaps taking the form of the Potential Eve was a little bit creepy but still not really disturbing.

    It’s also an interesting idea to have the First unable to take corporeal form so it has to manipulate others but then they throw in the Bringers to fill in bits of the plot they can’t manage with an incorporeal-baddie and suddenly it has a pretty effective army. If it could blow up a massive building in London to kill the Watcher’s council then surely it would be easy for it to do the same to the Summer’s household.

    I was having a vague thought that maybe the reason why the First had appeared and was keeping Spike alive was that he was it was horrified that he had managed to get his soul back. That maybe it was a big event in the world of evil and that the First was scared that maybe there would be a landslide of virtuous vampires and it had to bring him back. I suppose for that theory to work he would have had to get a soul for his own sake (which you discussed on the last podcast) but it would explain why Spike is so important – maybe both to the First and to Buffy. But that theory got blown out of the water by the weird eye thing that says the First just snuck in when Buffy was brought back to life. Ho hum.

    The potentials have featured a lot in the last couple of episodes and I just can’t get past the dodgy accents – especially the awful cockney one – it makes every scene with them horribly uncomfortable to me. And Kennedy is coming on like a complete sleeze-bag to Willow. Their presence also brings up lots of questions about potentials – why have lots of them got watchers, and if there are so many of them why are there none over 20? If they get over a certain age does their watcher just say “Sorry love, but I don’t think it’s going to be you – let’s just pack the stakes away and you get on with your life”

    On the more positive I like the way Willow has been handled and I find Andrew an ok addition. And the scary vampire thing was a great baddie. Did anyone else think that the soundtrack when Buffy was fighting it was referencing the end scene in the first Terminator movie? It’s a sort of scary industrial sound – very disturbing I thought.

    Thanks again for keeping up the great work on the podcasts.

    • Kate, I totally agree. In theory, a villain who can only act by manipulating others could be great, but the show isn’t delivering so far. I think if near the end of the season, you realized that the First has been working on the Scoobies in such a devious psychological way that they all cracked around episode 19, it would turn out to be kind of awesome, but we know that’s not happening. The First is trying to kill everyone (except Buffy) and failing miserably.

  4. First of all, could the potentials Be anymore annoying? I get why they’re in the story and why they would be scared, but no, they just get on my nerves. I felt really bad for Xander that he has to sleep in the same room.

    Giles was probably asking the right question, why the First is attacking now, but I’m not sure the answer made much sense. And why is everyone pretending that a new slayer would be activated if Buffy died? She’s not the active slayer..So either bringing her back from the dead changed that somehow which hasn’t been mentioned yet, or it’s a huge mistake on the writer’s part.

    What I liked though was the fight scene between Buffy and the übervamp at the end and how Willow’s story is evolving (if only Kennedy wasn’t there). And Andrew is really growing on me.

    As for the potential/watcher thing: I was watching What’s my line the other day and Kendra says that she was given to her watcher at such a young age that she doesn’t even remember her parents, so definitely before she became the slayer. Of course you could argue that if the Watcher’s Council is responsible, it wouldn’t be surprising if they had some crazy rule that out of 14 potentials only one gets to have a watcher or something.

  5. Showtime thoughts:

    – I know we crossed this line with the Knights of Byzantium, but the Bringers are people, right? Buffy must kill a good half dozen of them without much thought. It seems like all the First would have to do is not clean up the bodies and Buffy would at least be in jail for a few days, during which the First could kill everyone else.

    – Is the show still doing metaphors? If so, is the First a metaphor for Attention Deficit DIsorder? Because you would think it would be a metaphor for evil, but all I see it doing is mwah ha ha-ing and then getting distracted.

    – Seriously, one theme of the show lately seems to be that Buffy is getting to be cold and removed due to the burden of being the Slayer. First she makes the decision on Anya, then she talks to Holden about the attention deficit disorder, and in the last two episodes, her “inspirational speeches” have basically been “do what I say because I’m the Slayer and hella-tough.”

    – On first watch, I liked the twist and the fight, but on rewatch, it just bugged me. Did the Scoobies lie to the potentials because they didn’t want the First to hear their plans? If so, why? Couldn’t Buffy just have said “Let’s all go to Xander’s job site?” What would have happened differently? And why would “I’ll lie to you whenever I feel like it, but I’m also reasonably good at killing” inspire the potentials?

    – One last quibble: even when Willow is trying not to use magic, she can still hear people when they think at her loudly? Is she constantly hearing other people’s thoughts, and if so, shouldn’t that kind of affect her?

  6. Okay, you guys need to decide what narrative problem you dislike most.

    You can’t keep complaining about Giles being Basil Exposition in the first half of the podcast and then spend the second half whining about how you don’t know exactly what powers the First possesses or what precise methods the Watcher’s Council uses to find Potentials.

    The only way you could get such information would be a massive information dump delivered, presumably, by everyone’s favourite ex-librarian. And while Anthony Head is great at doing that sort of thing, I don’t think anyone wants him doing five minutes of explanation at the beginning of each episode.

    The Buffy writers do pretty much the best thing they can, given the medium, and leave most of the complexities of how their villains work to the imagination. I think that is for the best. And I, for one, don’t have that much difficulty imagining how the Watcher’s Council finds Potential Slayers. I think it probably involves some form of “magic”.

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