Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | January 13, 2014

Cordia’s Review – S7, E11 – Showtime

Season 7, Episode 11
Original airing: 1/7/2003

My Rating: 37

The Good: Spike. Again. It’s all Spike. His belief in Buffy is finally rewarded in a scene that left me heartbroken, even though there were basically no words. Spike’s wonder at being rescued and proven right is trumped only by the unshed tears in Buffy’s eyes. What were they thinking at that moment? What would they have said if they could have found the words?

The only other thing I liked about this episode was the idea of the First sneaking its way into the house as a potential. It makes plenty of sense if it needs to be present to gather information. With a flood of new recruits, another random girl is not going to be noticed. But why couldn’t it take the form of any of the already dead potentials who don’t have a body lying around to be found in Sunnydale?

The Bad: Andrew’s humor continues to work for me on some level, but his newly freed position amongst the Scoobies makes no sense. As he and Dawn point out, he attempted to be an evil genius and murdered his best friend. Sure, Buffy could exact revenge against him later, but that wouldn’t fix whatever he messes up in the meantime. It’s my thought that maybe he should have been turned over to the police by now.

Speaking of unnecessary characters, the potentials are so incredibly poorly presented it’s almost physically painful to watch them. While I appreciate that the show is most likely attempting to make them distinct in a very minimal amount of time, it comes across as just making them into caricatures. Each girl is grating in her own way and all of them are completely unbelievable. While it would be a lot of work to define these ladies as actual humans, it would also have been worth it to make them relatable and watchable. It’s especially disappointing in a show which has excelled over and over again at putting fully realized, bit parts on screen in the past.

Unsurprisingly, the Turok-Han is defeated in no special manner except this time Buffy is awesome. We knew this creature would come to an end at some point. It’s a minion after all and Buffy is Buffy. But it’s disappointing to go from its real threat of last week to a simple beat down win this week. It feels like something should have changed before it could be defeated.

But the worst part of this episode was the spontaneous ability of our main Scoobies to telepathically communicate. Ummm… what? WHAT? Putting aside the insanity of all this, the “plan” they then concoct is ludicrous and basically it all just boils down to Buffy making THREE random speeches in this episode.

The Unknown: So Anya and Giles learned from the eyemass that Buffy’s return is at fault for evil potentially taking over the world. And Anya points out that it makes all of this her, Xander, Willow, and Tara’s fault. So it begs the question of what now? Will this information be passed on to the other Scoobies? Will it be of any use? Is there any way to correct the issue? This could be an awesome thread of story if it isn’t shrugged off and basically ignored.

Favorite Moment: Spike’s release from his bonds and the faces of both characters end the show on a surprising high note.

The Bottom Line: After a surprisingly promising start to the season, I’m now finding myself perpetually irritated, frustrated, and disappointed. The last four or five episodes since The First’s “big reveal” have been plagued with issues. An undefined villain seems to be the bane of the show and I really, really hope the writers have a plan for all this nonsense.


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