Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | February 4, 2014

Cordia’s Review – S7, E14 – First Date

First Date
Season 7, Episode 14
Original airing: 2/11/2003

My Rating: 62

The Good: I rather enjoyed a good chunk of this episode. The Buffy and Spike storyline was nice and I’m interested in the potential interactions between Spike and Principal Wood. It seems like this could be a nice wedge between Buffy and Spike if Spike is forced into injuring or killing Principal Wood. It would prove Giles right about Spike’s chip removal and cause a major issue for Buffy’s strong moral compass.

I was pleased to see Andrew going through a smidge of redemption. It was nice for him to be acknowledged by Dawn.

I enjoyed Xander’s storyline as the massive nod to his dating history it was obviously intended to be. It also allowed us to see how Anya is still struggling with the break up and how the enforced interaction between the two has been bad for their emotional healing.

The Bad: I wasn’t so impressed, however, with the part of Xander’s storyline that had him stabbed rather deeply in the stomach and yet… he’s fine. Gut wounds are usually pretty nasty and last time the seal needed an entire body and a half of blood. But here a few drips from the gut and a Turok-Han is ready to rise.

The most annoying, but least important, part of the episode was Chao-Ahn. While the humor was fine in and of itself, it was incredibly on the nose and made me think about how this poor girl would actually feel. She has no idea about Slayers or the related paraphernalia, a British guy whisks her off to America when she doesn’t speak any English, and then he continues to terrify her in a house full of chattering girls. Poor thing.

Favorite Moment: It felt wonderfully old school to have Giles recall everyone to the very real, very serious situation while using kindergarten-level drawings of death to underscore his point. Well played.

The Bottom Line: I enjoyed this episode in general and look forward to seeing how the Principal Wood/Spike story plays out. But it wasn’t anything particularly amazing.


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