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Podcast #143: Get it Done

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 15 – Get it Done

Jumping through portals can be confusing

Jumping through portals can be confusing

Download: Get it Done

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 17th February 2014  for episode sixteen of Season Seven: “Storyteller.” Andrew makes a documentary about life in Sunnydale.

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  1. I must apologize. I am doing this at 8pm on Sunday night knowing that you usually have the podcast ready for Monday, but I have had a very busy week. (on a personal note) I found out this week that I am pregnant with child number 2! (Any name suggestions; LOL!) 🙂 Will try my best to get my post in a lot sooner for Storyteller!

    Don’t really have much to say about “Get It Done”. It has always been kind of a blah episode for me. I guess the one thing that I could say about this episode is that I like that P. Wood doesn’t just jump the gun and try to kill Spike right out of the gate. I like that he seems to be checking out the story that the First told him and verifying that Spike is indeed the one that killed Nikki. I also think that Buffy was right in not taking the extra power “by making me less human” as she put it. She felt that by accepting that power she would have lost some of herself and she has shown time and time again that is not who she is. She won’t sacrifice being human for the greater good. (Saw the same thing in season 5 when she told Giles that the last thing Dawn would see would be Buffy protecting her).

    I would like to get both of your opinions on a debate my father and I have about season 5. (getting back to the “my opinions on the seasons). First, let me say that I feel that the writers really redeemed themselves from season 4 to season 5. They did a great job with having the scoobies deal with real death (Joyce) and the tension between Giles and Buffy was almost more than I could bare at times. Absolutely loved that season and have very few complaints!
    Now, for the debate in question: I believe exactly what Joss seemed to be intending for season 5. Dawn was the key and was created to look human and sent to the slayer for her to protect it. When the key opens, the portal opens (ie: when the blood flows) and when the portal closes it is because the flow has stopped. That is the storyline as 99% of people saw it and I understand it as it was written.
    My father saw something different. Buffy keeps reminding people that the monks made Dawn from BUFFY’s blood. It is BUFFY’s blood flowing in Dawn’s veins and it was BUFFY’s death that closed the portal. His argument is that BUFFY, not DAWN was the key and that Dawn’s creation was meant as a diversion for Glory. Based on the fact that Buffy’s death closed the portal, he says that tells him that the portal would have remained open even after Dawn died (if she had instead of Buffy).

    I can fully understand AND argue both sides of this debate that my Dad and I have had for years now. What are your thoughts? I am very interested to know what someone else thinks of his theory.

    Sorry again for the tardiness of the post. Have a great week all!

  2. I don’t feel very strongly about Storyteller. I kind of appreciate the concept, seeing things through Andrew’s fantasy world view, giving him a chance to face his wrong-doings but I didn’t actually enjoy it much.

    The high school going mad plot was fine – I like all the call backs to previous events. Maybe though there wasn’t enough time spent on that part. It didn’t seem that serious – like it was running through the previous plots as a farce. We don’t really care about the students involved.

    Sorry can’t think of much else to say about it. Congratulations to Angelique though!

    • Thanks Kate 🙂

      I also liked the high school Hell plotline, but I feel pretty bad for that one kid, he really should have had that massage! 🙂

  3. I really liked this episode. Andrew, to me, has always been either really funny or not at all and it would have been better if he had kept his mouth shut. Thankfully, Storyteller was more on the funny side overall.
    It’s an interesting and much needed insight into Andrew and how he sees or wants to see the world, and it also explains how he managed to be so casual about killing Jonathan. When he took responsibility for what he did he finally felt like more than just comic relief, especially in the final scene when he says that he’s probably not going to survive and maybe he doesn’t deserve to.

    Some slightly negative points:
    Even if I can accept that Andrew is the one who has to close the seal because he held the knife and spilled the first drop of blood (though he didn’t actually open the seal), I just don’t believe that the hellmouth would want tears.
    Some of the dialogue felt incredibly on the nose, like the girl turning invisible saying “you noticed me!” and worst of all Buffy’s “high school feels like hell and now it is”. So that’s what happened in the first three seasons? Good to know.

  4. Now that I have had some time to watch Storyteller:

    When I first saw this episode, I was doing a straight run through of season 7 and I hated, hated, hated this episode! I am starting to analyze a lot of what happens in the episodes now, thanks to the podcast, and I actually enjoyed this a lot more on rewatch than I did originally.

    Anya and Xander:
    They are obviously still crazy about eachother and the hurt in Xander’s face is very believable to me when Anya says it was nice way for a “send off” as it were. I can’t believe that their story is over at this point, not in the Buffyverse! Also, that line she says to Andrew in the beginning, probably my favorite line! “Why can’t you just masturbate like the rest of us?”, cracks me up every time. That is sooo Anya!

    P. Wood:
    Thank you high schooler that slammed into P. Wood, stopping him from staking Spike in the back! That would have been way to cowardly of him to stab in the back, face him like a man, Dude!

    Don’t get me wrong, Andrew is an annoyance that needs to be put to sleep, but his story here is actually quite “moving” for lack of a better word. I think his whole “Come with me gentle viewers” is wicked stupid still, but the surrounding concept of the storytelling is actually well written. Through his fantasy world, Buffy and the scoobies are able to basically see the entire plot set before them to get the seal active by the First, and because of Willow’s brilliant attention to “word detail” they are able to see that driving the knife into Jonathan was actually a clear detail in the ritual that allowed the words on the knife to interact with Jonathan’s blood. (Point to Willow!) I also like the fact that the writers kept you guessing as to what Buffy was planning with him, was she going to kill him and give the seal what it wanted? Well, she gave it what it wanted, but not to open! The misdirection that she forced onto Andrew was awesome in making him face his own guilt and face up to the fact that he murdered his best friend in cold blood.

    My favorite scene in this episode is actually the very last scene. Andrew is once again on the camera, but it is slightly different in mood. He is talking and then looks away from the camera and stares for a minute. Then he gets up, shuts off the camera, and the screen just goes black. Goodbye fantasy world, hello reality Andrew.

    Ps: as you know I am catching up with you guys as well as doing real time, and I just realized, did anyone notice that Tom Lenk (Andrew) was in Season 5? He was one of Harmony’s minions when Harmony captured Dawn and then her minions turned on her! He was in vampire makeup the whole time, so not an easy “see”. Fun fact, didn’t know if you realized or not.
    Also, did anybody else see the cheese guy in Jonathan and Andrew’s dreams when they were in Mexico? I only got a slight glance of him, but rewinding a couple of times and I am positive I saw him! Interesting that they brought him back in another dream sequence! (referring to season 4 finale)

  5. – Was this the concept episode for this season? If so, it’s a big let down from Hush and OMWF, but was basically OK.

    – Overall, it was all right, which has been my default grade for this season. I thought Andrew was pretty funny, and the confrontation with Buffy on the seal was effective and did a nice job laying out the stress Buffy is under. I also really liked Buffy dealing with the shy girl, which was a nice callback.

    – One problem, though – why didn’t they evacuate the school, especially after a kid died? Instead, Principal Wood leaves school to help get Andrew?

    – Actually, two problems. I normally have any problem in theory with Wood trying to kill Spike. Spike is dangerous, he might be programmed by the First, and Wood has spent his life seeking revenge. However, I feel like the show created an unnecessary problem by having the First tell Wood to kill Spike – since Wood knows that’s exactly what the First wants, doing it seems unreasonable.

    – Here’s a Buffy first for Cordia. Andrew is the first character to join the Scoobies without being a potential romantic interest. After the core three plus Giles, pretty much the only way into the club has been sleeping with a core Scooby, but Andrew seems to have broken the code. (This is most obvious with Kennedy, who gets to stand next to the Scoobies in all the conferences, while poor Amanda and Rona have to stay on the other side of the room.)

  6. I unfortunately liked Storyteller more the first time around, with the “Andrew facing up to his crime” bit. But this time, I was just fixated on how terrible of a crier he is! It wasn’t believable at all! (Other bad criers: Claire Danes, James Van Der Beek.) I also felt like the last scene could have been more. It felt like he was just getting to the heart of the matter and he turned off the camera, still unable to really face it.

    I did love the slow-mo sequence in the kitchen, with hair blowing in the fan and a shirtless Spike. Also, the writers making fun of Buffy’s speeches.

  7. So, obviously this was Andrew’s Superstar, both being written by Jane Espenson who, as a rule, I generally like her work but both these stories didn’t do it for me.
    I did like the little side about Buffy’s monologues though- they do seem to be happening a lot. And the slow-mo bits of the Buffy, Anya and Spike.
    Andrew’s grown on me a tiny bit since season 6 but this episode was definitely not cause for any more.
    I really didn’t like the reimagining of the dark Willow scene with Andrew fighting back.
    I’d give this episode a 55.

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