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Robin’s Review – S7, E15 – Get it Done

Synopsis: Buffy shows Principal Wood the setup at the house. He brings his mother’s bag of Slayer gear. One of the items are shadow figures that open a portal. Buffy meets the original men who empowered the Slayer. In exchange a demon appears in the Summers living room. Spike retrieves his black coat to help inspire him to kill it. Willow attempts a spell to bring Buffy back but has to suck energy out of Kennedy and Dawn to do so.

The Good: Once again Willow was forced to use her power and access the evil in her. It was nice to see Kennedy stop trying to be cool and react to real discomfort for a change.

The Bad: The Principal Wood tour was slow and a little dull. It makes sense to bring the new ally into the fold but it took eight minutes and came after an equally casul scene where Spike and Anya rambled on for a while. The clipped dialogue that Spike and Robin then shared was something from a Western. “Before that” – “Around.” They liked it so much they continued it later “Nice coat, where’d you get it?” – “New York.” With the end of the world coming Robin looks petty for staring daggers at Spike and not admitting to his rather serious issues. Spike seems a bit childish himself for not acknowledging the obvious hostility between them and just spitting out cool retorts instead.

I suppose some people cheered when Spike put his coat back on. But it felt like shameless fan service. Should this person who is working to be a “good man” put on the clothes he wore when he revelled in murdering people. I think it would have been better for him to express his enjoyment of a good fight in some other way.

The Unknown: Chloe killing herself was obvious a serious moment. Buffy chose to respond to it by calling her an idiot and then reaming everyone in the house out. Awkwardly she points out that Anya serves no obvious purpose on the show and then weirdly attacks poor Spike for not being close enough to his old self. I can understand her instinct to go hard on the Potentials but it seemed bizarre to lump the Scoobies in with them. And the Potentials seemed to be working hard anyway. From the evidence I’ve seen it seemed like a bad overreaction on Buffy’s part.

Naturally the Watcher’s Council never bothered to retrieve the bag from little Robin Wood. Despite it containing a very important conduit for the Slayer’s power. It’s convenient but a lot of the show’s research is. Once Buffy was back in the land of perpetual sunlight it seemed like we would learn some important information about how the Slayer’s power compares to the First. Instead it’s Buffy versus the Patriarchy as she objects to the way they fused the first girl with essence of demon to create the Slayer line. It felt a bit late in the day to be lecturing these men about their actions. Maybe they were cowards but how else was humanity going to keep the hellmouth closed for the next few thousand years? I’m not saying Buffy was wrong but it didn’t feel like her journey served any wider purpose than showing us the Turok-Han frat house beneath the earth. It was an impressive visual and it gives us a clear idea of the army waiting to invade on behalf of demon kind. But I’m not sure it was a great cliff hanger. I mean surely that army can’t actually be released onto the surface or they would wipe all humans out. So rather than give the Scoobies something tangible to fight it just defines specifically the evil that they will (presumably) stop from emerging. This is not Rewatch-itis either. Every season of Buffy a bigger and more monstrous evil has appeared and they’ve always been stopped. It would be more effective to give us an enemy that can be seen every week rather than build up the one we’re unlikely to experience.

Best Moment: Kennedy was pretty annoying early in the episode trying to play drill sergeant. So I liked seeing her wary of Willow and creating distance.

The Bottom Line: I can’t say this episode was all bad because I don’t know whether Buffy’s story will play a significant role in the rest of the season. But I don’t see much cause for optimism and this was very poorly structured.




  1. Honestly I rather liked the Spike/Robin macho pissing match. Although what I wouldn’t have paid for someone to say “kiss him” when they got uncomfortably close.

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