Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | February 17, 2014

Cordia’s Review – S7, E16 – Storyteller

Season 7, Episode 16
Original airing: 2/25/2003

My Rating: 52

The Good: It’s always nice to take time with a single character in such a large cast. And the issue of Andrew badly needed to be addressed. This episode really showcased how much Andrew disconnects from reality and explains a lot about his ability to avoid feeling guilt over Jonathon’s murder. The ending scene showed that Andrew now seems ready to face what actually happened. It should be interesting to see if his behavior changes at all or if this episode has no effect on the future of Andrew’s characterization.

The episode also took the time to wrap up Xander and Anya’s relationship. It was episode sixteen of season six when Xander left Anya at the altar, so it was a timely moment to reopen that discussion. The lingering affection between the two is dealt with and they cave to physical demonstration. But it does feel like this was a way to close it off and let them move on. Again, I hope to see the effects of this portrayed in the future interactions of the two.

The Bad: As a constant viewer, I felt like a lot of this episode was unnecessary in the middle of the season. Andrew does a LOT of summarizing about the plot and characters, which just seems like something that would work much better after a long break from episodes airing.

I also wasn’t a fan of the tear storyline. It seemed strange that the seal would want blood one day and tears the next. Would an inanimate object capable of possessing and forcing teenagers to seal and cut their eyes care if one person feels remorse for killing his best friend? It just doesn’t make any sense and goes completely unexplained.

Favorite Moment: I absolutely loved the slow motion shot of winking Buffy and topless Spike about to make out in the kitchen while Anya eats grapes in the foreground. It’s a ludicrous and amazing example of how skewed Andrew’s world view has become.

The Bottom Line: This episode did a good job of finally explaining Andrew’s apathy to the murder of Jonathon and how he views the world. It was also nice to see Xander and Anya finally deal with their relationship. But overall it ended on a bad story element that made no sense. The real question is will any of this matter next week?


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