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Podcast #148: Touched

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 20 – Touched

Spike speaks for us all

Spike speaks for us all

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 31st March 2014 for episode twenty one of Season Seven: “End of Days.” Which picks up from where we left off.

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  1. A couple follow up thoughts on the Touched podcast.

    – It’s funny, but even though she was face to face with a bomb, it literally never even occurred to me that Faith would die, either originally or on rewatch. If it had, I’m sure Alternate Universe Joseph would have been hoping that she would die so that Kennedy could become the next Slayer.

    – I assumed that Willow used her mystery telepathy to set up the Bringer hunt. (The bigger question was how they all hid in the alley without getting spotted – it would have been cool if they all decloaked from a spell or something.)

  2. Hi guys, haven’t commented in a while so might as well get one or two in before the end (can’t believe it’s almost over). Oh, btw the way you guys pronounced my name was right. So I’m just gonna list off some of my thoughts of this season so far.
    First off, I was so surprised when nobody mentioned how terrible Anya’s Once More With Feeling flashback wig was on the podcast. It looks nothing like any of her hairstyles throughout the entire series and it always bugs me.
    So the First wants to wipe out the slayer line, but if he kills all of the living potentials and the two slayers won’t more slayers and potentials just be born after they are all dead. So is the First just gonna send Bringers off to hospitals all around the world everyday for the rest of eternity to kill off new born baby slayers?
    I was watching this interview with SMG from 2002 ( where she says that she was wearing a wig during the filming of Scooby Doo so that was her real real hair in Bargaining.
    Lastly, I wanted to talk about Empty Places. I never understood why people hated Dawn until I saw this episode. That final scene always get me so mad. I hate when Dawn kicks Buffy out of the house because it’s Buffy’s house. Seriously, Buffy is the one who had to earn the cash and be the provider after Willow and Tara spent all of her money while she was dead. They just dumped all the responsibilities on Buffy. They could have at least tried to help out. I can understand why Tara didn’t, assuming her father cut her off and she would have to pay for all of her own expenses, but Willow? Willow could have easily gotten a part time job during season 6. And this season Buffy has to take care of a bunch of teenage girls and keep them from being killed while at the same time stopping her biggest apocalypse yet. It’s not easy. And while I do admit that Buffy’s leadership skills are pretty bad this season and her plan wasn’t as well thought out as it could have been she did have a point. Why would the bad guy not protect the power? Caleb was spending all his time at the vineyard, there must be something there. They all could have just said they don’t want to go and nobody would have went. They didn’t need to bash Buffy in the process. They went about this the wrong way. This should have been done in private between the Scoobies (no Rona, no Kennedy, no potentials, no Giles, and especially no Anya). And why doesn’t anybody mention the fact that Willow, Xander, Anya, and Tara’s spell is the reason the First is back. Do Anya or Giles ever tell Buffy this. No. I wish they had, I would have loved to have seen this come up in Empty Places. Anya goes on about how Buffy doesn’t deserve to be leader when she shouldn’t be talking seeing as the whole reason they are in this mess is partly her fault and her argument just doesn’t make any sense. Buffy should have kicked both Dawn and Anya out of the house and told whoever was against her decision(to kick them out, not the other one) should follow them out the door.

  3. Keep your Holy Scythe questions to yourself: WHERE THE F**K IS RHONA? Did Dawn really kill after the “Ding Ding the Witch is Dead.” comment. Why was I deprived of that pleasure?

  4. Faith is in a coma again! Or at least knocked out for a long time. Cordia was right, Faith fell into the water. Poor Faith has to be saved by the potentials but then they
    have to be saved by Buffy. The Turok-Han is back, and the stake on the end of the scythe CAN stake them which is cool. Must be a powerful weapon. I love the look Willow and Buffy give each other when Willow tells Giles “scythe does matter” that was funny and feels very much like a Scooby moment. Willow finding the scythe online seems convenient, since it’s suppose to be hidden and not even the watcher’s know about it, yet its on the internet.

    Andrew is an idiot, people are out dying and he’s concerned about morale.
    Apparently he can’t hold his liquor either, one drink and he’s tipsy. Anya has no empathy for the wounded potential she’s caring for. Just when I think she’s going to say something nice about people, she doesn’t and goes on a rant about humans. Why is she talking about humans like she’s not one?
    The scene with Xander and Buffy in the kitchen was nice, I like Xander’s comment about if she dies he will bring her back because that is what he does. So does Buffy love Spike or not? The scene in the kitchen got me confused. Why was she so upset with Spike? What does Buffy mean by she has Faith for defensiveness and weird mixed signals? Does Faith give off weird mixed signals? I did really like Spike in this scene though, I thought he was sweet.

    Loved the scene with Faith and Buffy in the room. Feels like they finally come together and can understand each other. Faith admits she was jealous but now she knows what it really is like to be Buffy. I like the line about them being “hot chicks with superpowers.” It’s funny yet true. So the Watcher’s have watchers. We get a little bit more slayer mythology here and I like when Buffy tells the
    lady her name and shes like “no really?” I thought that was funny cause Buffy is not a common name.

    Anyone else think the First merging with Caleb is creepy? Well now we know
    why he’s so powerful. The fact that the First can “merge” with people is interesting. This could have been an interesting story earlier in the season, which would have
    made the First feel more threatening all along. And the First plans to do this with every one in the world? Again I’d say this is too late in the story. Yay for Angel
    showing up in the end! I love Buffy and Angel. Wonder how Spike’s gonna react. Can’t wait to see the rest of it all play out.

  5. End of Days is pretty bad isn’t it. At least maybe it’s bad in a way which usefully brings up a lot of the overall problems with Season 7 but that’s almost the end of my positives.

    I hated the dialogue during the scene at the beginning with the potentials regrouping – someone says something like “Is that one of them?” in response to a noise and somebody else says “NO! It can’t be!” – but I don’t know why it can’t be….Back at the house someone is suppose to be close to bleeding to death but no actual blood is visible. And I just don’t feel any warmth towards any of them still.

    Also I don’t think that Buffy would expect a big apology from anyone after they kicked her out but I think the audience expect something from Dawn, Xander, Willow, or Giles. They don’t say anything about the events of Empty Places to Buffy. Only some of the potentials and Faith. That feels unsatisfying.

    And was the History of the Axe website an intentional joke? So convenient….as is the whole scythe plot really.

    The Buffy / Faith conversation felt a bit better than other parts of the episode. It did resolve their relationship well. Even there though, I felt that the humour, seemed a bit off. Although I did like the line about being hot chicks with superpowers.

    Anya acts cold-heartedly / inhumanly towards the potentials but then later says that she’s changed and is going to stick with everyone unlike at the end of Season 3. So her character is supposed to have developed but we haven’t actually seen any of that.

    The scene between Buffy and Spike is very sweet and probably my favourite part but….I just think last week was such a nice closing point for their relationship – I feel a bit irritated that the writers seem to be hinting that there could be some further developments between them. It just seems too late in the series to get into that – but maybe it’s ok to leave that hanging.

    How did Buffy know where to go to find the old woman who knew about the scythe? I must have missed something.

    Sorry – I’m going to stop now – there are still other things I want to gripe about but I’m a bit disturbed at how negative all this is and wondering if maybe I’m just a bit tired and grumpy. So (as I always tell my children to do in similar circumstances) I’m going to go to bed and see if I feel better in the morning….

    • I pretty much agree everything especially Anya and the Axe internet thing. I wouldn’t say it’s bad but it does reflect on how poorly constructed this season was, and too much is happening too late in the season. Everything seems convenient and I always wonder how Buffy finds things so quickly when I’m assuming she runs everywhere since she doesn’t drive. Slayer senses I’m guessing helps. I like to imagine the things that go on off camera to fill in the gaps. Perhaps they did apologize or maybe to much is going on and it’s not necessary.

  6. This episode had a lot of setup and moving things in their places going on, but I still liked most of the one on one moments between characters: Buffy and Xander in the kitchen (though I’m not sure if I actually agree with what Buffy says here regarding Xander being the reason she’s made it this far) and especially Buffy and Faith. Andrew and Anya also make a surprisingly good and entertaining team. I liked her speech about humans and laughed at the cut to the wheelchair fight. Again, the Buffy and Spike scene in the kitchen was probably my favorite part of the episode, but where has he been the whole day? At first I thought he stayed at the guy’s house because he can’t go outside during the day but the Scoobies apparently didn’t meet him there?

    I hate how Buffy just goes back to being part of the group without any discussion whatsoever. It robs that whole mini arc of any impact it might have had and makes it even more useless. Almost everyone pretends as if nothing had happened and it especially bugs me in Giles’s case. There was a rift in their relationship even before Empty Places and it could have been at least interesting to explore that a little bit more, but instead they choose to ignore it completely. Of course, there’s not a lot of time left but these last few episodes seem weirdly crammed with stuff that could have been interesting or important had they been introduced earlier in the season.

    The guardians also could have been interesting, but it’s way too late and they’re basically useless. We’ve never heard of them, they apparently never did anything, and this lady seems to just have been hanging around, waiting for Buffy and to get conveniently killed. (On that note: Buffy’s, Caleb’s and Angel’s timing is impeccable. They always manage to show up at the exact right moment.) At least the guardian gets her info dump in. The origin of the scythe has nothing to do with the origin of the slayer and the shadow men. Probably, maybe, hopefully, this information will come into play next episode, otherwise, why should they make the effort to shoehorn it into this? But I guess with this season you can never know.

    Everyone keeps saying that the scythe looks ancient, but it looks more like a brandnew plastic toy.

    Did Dawn imply that Miss Kitty Fantastico got killed because someone let a crossbow lying around? Just the other day I was wondering what happened to that poor cat.

  7. End of Days:

    Well, that happened.

    I go back to two comments I’ve made before. First, this episode was another one with some good scenes scattered in a miasma of meh. Second, this whole season seems really unplanned. It’s like they wrote it in one of those games where the plot goes around a circle and each person adds a sentence.

    The good:

    It was fun to see Buffy kicking ass with the ax. It’s about time she turned the tables a little bit.

    Buffy and Spike rang true, except for Buffy believing Spike is sending her “mixed signals.” As we’ve said before, it’s definitely a little selfish to keep stringing along someone who is so desperately in love with you, but I guess Buffy is at least open to the idea of developing her relationship with Spike, and she’s also dealing with the apocalypse, so I’ll give her a pass.

    I also liked the Angel kiss, and it’s always great to see Angel.

    Andrew’s speech about realizing he won’t make it is probably my favorite moment for his character. In his own annoying way, Andrew has moved to the place something like where Jonathan was at the beginning of the season.

    The bad:

    I liked Andrew’s speech, but Anya’s bored me. I’m not engaged at all in her character’s acceptance of humanity, particularly now that we know she was a human to begin with.

    I liked seeing Angel, but he seemed a bit flippant if you know the events he’s just been through in Angel Season 4. (Which is probably my favorite season of either show, btw).

    Except for the ass-kicking, everything about the axe is dumb. So the metawatchers were keeping it super secret, except for all the hieroglyphics and the WEBSITE? And one last superwatcher hung around for eternity sitting in a hole, so that she could say “The axe is very powerful” then die? How does that help Buffy? She told Buffy the one thing she already knew, plus some pointless background, and finished with “it’s up to you.”

    And it’s not a scythe. A scythe is a tool for harvesting grain. You cannot harvest grain with an axe, or with a stake, which are the two things that tool is. And it looks dumb.

    Caleb was awfully careless fighting someone with a weapon that could hurt him. He would have been a lot smarter to kick the axe away every time Buffy dropped it.

    The unknown:

    Why did Caleb dig it out of solid rock in the first place? I guess you could hypothesize that the First needs it for her plan. If so, and the finale is about the First trying to get the axe back, then maybe that works, but if the First just announces “Oh, I have a plan that doesn’t require the axe OR Caleb . . .” then I will complain some more, so be ready, just in case.

  8. Woohoo!!! I caught up 🙂

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