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Cordia’s Review – S7, E21 – End of Days

End of Days
Season 7, Episode 21
Original airing: 5/13/2003

My Rating: 51

The Good: Several of the one-on-one conversations were really good in this episode. I really liked Buffy flattering Xander in the kitchen and Xander expressing his desire to stay in the thick of the fighting. Buffy and Faith finally came to an understanding that felt like it began back in Who Are You? (S4E16). And Buffy and Spike had a promising beginning in the kitchen.

Otherwise, I was pretty disappointed.

The Bad: The scythe feels rather unnecessary and ill conceived. It doesn’t fit the mythology we’ve been presented with to date. The woman who calls herself a Guardian even says it’s just a powerful weapon. It’s all up to Buffy in the end. So why does she need it? Why does she have it? Why was it kept a secret? Why was Caleb after it? Why does it look brand new if it’s ancient? There are too many questions with no answers for the last two episodes of the show. It feels pointless.

I liked the idea of Xander pseudo-kidnapping Dawn to keep her safe, but that turned out to be pointless as well. And I can’t help but wonder how she oh-so-casually picked up that tazer and then managed to drive the car without pulling Xander out of the driver’s seat.

The most glaring omission was a conversation amongst the Scoobies about Buffy’s return. A few of the potentials try to kind of apologize, but Giles, Willow, Xander, and Dawn basically act like nothing ever happened. It feels like a huge gap in the episode to have this completely unmentioned.

Finally, I was really disappointed in Angel’s appearance. He doesn’t actually seem needed, as Buffy then kills Caleb quite simply. And they’re passion felt feigned. I didn’t buy the big kiss. It seemed weird after all of the things she’s shared with Spike in the last 24 hours. His return as a support worked back in Season 5 when Joyce died, but it feels like Buffy has outgrown Angel at this point. Spike is the one who hangs around to be her buffer.

Favorite Moment: I really liked the conversation between Faith and Buffy. It was nice to have the show say, “Yes. Buffy’s friends are important. But she’s still the Slayer.” It is a line which has been drawn over and over again in varying shades of gray. But it boils down to what Buffy was saying just before they kicked her out of the house. In the end, she’s it. She stands up to the evil and saves the day and she’ll always be different because of that.

The Bottom Line: This was not a very good episode. It’s especially disappointing in the light of the end of the series. I don’t expect the final episode will completely pull it out of the muck in my eyes. At least I always have the early seasons to look back upon. Still…. I could be surprised!


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