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Podcast #152: Drunk Band Candy (and Doppelgangland)

Here’s the podcast for Season 7, Episode 22 – Chosen

Joyce and handcuffs...the horror

Joyce and handcuffs…the horror

Download: Drunk Band Candy

And as a bonus (you be the judge if it is): Drunk Doppelgangland

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 21st April 2014 for the final feedback podcast for the whole of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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  1. Effing FANTASTIC 🙂 I can’t wait for Drunk History of Byzantium

  2. OMG! Loved the drunken podcasts! Thanks for doing Doppelgangland as well. You guys were funny. I liked hearing you guys talk about things not being in a critical way, just pointing out the little things that you enjoy was nice. Going off on random tangents was funny. I liked Cordia saying she misses Oz and Robin misses Cordelia. I agree with Cordia about Oz being adorable, I loved him and Willow together. If you guys ever get another chance you should do more episodes drunk. It was really funny and thanks again for doing it.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! We had a lot of fun. 🙂

  3. The Drunk Band Candy episode is 75% Robin asking Cordia which guys she finds attractive. So Drunk!Robin is more like teenage Joyce then teenage Giles.

    And I love every second of it. 🙂

    • Yea I thought that was pretty funny too.

    • Ha! I hadn’t even noticed. Can you imagine if we were watching a Riley episode and he tried that??

      • More than likely that would have included Forrest and a long tangent about their undeniable sexual tension. :p

  4. Ha, this is amazing! And Band Candy is totally when Giles got attractive

  5. Can you guys PLEASE just drop in and do random drunk watching stuff podcasts? I know you have no time…but that would just be amazing. Just one every few months…would make me so happy! Not even just Buffy…anything. You’re highly amusing when tipsy, both of you!

    • I second that! – drunk podcast was groundbreaking stuff (not that I listen to many other podcasts but I’m still sure it was pretty unique…) so pretty pretty please – just when you have a spare hour maybe

  6. Ok, final feedback. This is hard. I tried to make it as cohesive as possible but there may be some rambling in there. Since I suppose others will do this or at the least you two in the awards show I won’t go too much into specific seasons/episodes/characters/, or all the things that make Buffy as great as it is, plus I wouldn’t even know where to start with that, so..

    I love this show and 17 years after its premiere it definitely still holds up, for old and new viewers (such as myself). Watching the first season and figuring out what exactly this show is after all the great things I heard, I can still recall my thought process over different episodes as the show grew on me, particularly: Teachers’s pet and the Pack made me think that this show was absolutely insane – but in a good way. I mean, try to explain those plots to someone who hasn’t seen it. That ridiculous stupid puppet terrified me on first watch (I really hate puppets). Out of mind, out of sight was the first one where I really loved the concept and how they used monsters and the supernatural as metaphors, and by the time I watched Prophecy girl Buffy had managed to push herself to the top of my personal list of favourite female characters.
    And she’s such a great character. She doesn’t want to do what she has to do, but she does it anyway because it’s the right thing. The slayer with the weight of the world on her shoulders, a hero, but still remaining incredibly human through it all and fighting for that.
    And of course Buffy isn’t the only one, but is surrounded by other great, strong, complex characters, male and female, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses, vulnerabilities, complexities and character growth. Especially in the early seasons, even when the monsters of the week weren’t too strong or the effects really bad (which I personally kind of love), it always comes back to the characters and their relationships.

    I love the female empowerment theme in the show which is also one of the first things I loved and one of the main things I take from Buffy. Looking at the cast it’s somewhat (still, sadly) “surprising” how many female characters there are. From what I read people thought Buffy would be kind of a turning point towards more shows driven by strong female characters which hasn’t really happened. I think especially in the supernatural/sci-fi/teen/drama genre it’s still usually the damsel in distress who has to be saved by one guy or another. And even when there is a strong female lead she’s either isolated from other (female) characters or the most common combination is two guys and a girl (Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight (ok, I’m not actually counting Twilight) etc). That’s also something that’s turned around here: Buffy, Willow and Xander as the three core friends.
    And this is just a minor point, but as much as I love a good love triangle, I’m glad they never put Buffy in one. Her drama shouldn’t stem from the question, which boy do I love more?
    So maybe the point of this is to say that sometimes I wish other shows would take a leaf out of Buffy’s book.

    Thank you for the time and work you put into the rewatch and congrats for finishing it! It’s been great having something “accompanying” me as I was watching it for the first time (also thank you for always staying spoiler free) and being “live” for this last – and clearly best – season. I think for me, too, it changed the way I watch TV in a way – at least I notice much more logical problems than before, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Thanks for the email reminder Robin, I almost forgot to do my feedback, I’ve been busy with my sister’s new baby. I’m really sad the Buffy rewatch is coming to an end. Around this time last year I did a rewatch up to season 5 and then I found your podcast and finished the last 3 seasons so I could catch up with you guys and start commenting in season 7. It’s been really great listening to you guys and discussing Buffy with other people. It’s nice to get different perspective and think about the show in different ways and catch things that I’ve missed.

    When I first began watching buffy in season 3 I fell in love and got hooked. It’s my favorite season and part of that is because of the nostalgia. It was nice to have a strong female character to look up to during my teenage years, and to this day I still look to Buffy for guidance. Like Xander I often think “What would Buffy do?” Not just Buffy, but also Faith. I wanted to be like Faith. A sexy, badass with attitude, minus the killing people part. There are so many great characters or characters that have there moments that you can look up to and take good things from.

    Even though the last four season have their issues it’s still a great show, and I would watch almost any episode over most other shows. It is my favorite show to watch because the characters are great and it does a good job with comedy, action, horror and drama. It really has everything going for it, even a musical. So, thank you guys so much for during the podcast, I hope you can get together again in the future to do something. Either a new podcast or more drunk Buffy episodes.

    Fav season: 3, so much good stuff here.
    Fav character: Faith. Buffy is second. My favorite thing about Buffy are her little quips, they crack me up.
    Character I miss the most: Oz, I love Oz and Willow. He was adorable and awesome.
    Fav Episode: Probably ‘This Year’s Girl’

  8. So a little bit over two years ago I decided to start watching this show after a friend of mine on Tumblr was posting a lot of it. I had known a few things about this show prior to watching it (Buffy was played by SMG, Willow was gay, Buffy had a sister (think of my confusion during the first 4 seasons wondering where the heck she was especially when Joyce would specifically say that Buffy is an only child)) and I had seen the animated series preview a few times. Right from the first episode I was in love. It was just so good and I had no clue that it would get even better. Passions was the episode that really made me think that this show isn’t like any other. The introduction of Dawn and The Body only made me realize this show was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. And Once More With Feeling was just too good for words (much like this show).
    It is so weird, when I think back to when I started watching some of my other favorite shows I can’t really remember much. With Buffy, however, I can remember the first time I watched it and why I started watching it. I can even remember years before that flipping through the channels on TV and stumbling upon the Wild At Heart episode even through I only saw the first scene of the it then.
    Through this rewatch podcast you guys brought up many of the same issues with the series that I had, however, despite the issues I can still enjoy watching the series all the way through multiple times and never get bored (even during the really bad episodes, e.g. Enemies, Wrecked, most of season 7). I will still complain about the issues, but it doesn’t take away the enjoyment of watching the episodes for me. I guess it’s just the magick of this show.
    I could go on forever about my love for my favorite show, but I’ll keep it short.

    I was wondering if in this final feedback podcast you guys will be discussing the unaired Buffy pilot ( ) and the animated series preview at all ( ). I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Thank you both for this awesome podcast and have a happy Easter!

    P.S. Cordia, your rendition of I’ve Got A Theory is the BEST!

  9. Check out this amazing terribleness!

  10. I’m so glad you opted to do 150 sober podcasts and only 2 drunk podcasts and not the other way around.

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