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Podcast #151: Chosen part 2: Feedback

The cast pose in their final scene

The cast pose in their final scene

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 14th April 2014 for the drunk episode of the Buffy Rewatch. Oh boy. Time to enjoy “Band Candy.”

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  1. I just don’t get it–why is the female empowerment angle so mind blowing? Why not make it the righteous empowered against the wicked? I get it that this is Buffy’s show, but it seems heavy handed to be so feministic, just as It would seem heavy handed to focus solely on male empowerment, or empowerment of any one race or age group.

  2. I haven’t watched Band Candy yet to come up with a specific drinking game moments but if the other episodes are any indication every time Cordia makes Robin giggle and sigh “Ah yes.” There should definitely be drinking.

  3. I think Alternate Universe Joseph would love to know that there is a virtual series out there dedicated to his all time favorite character. It’s one of the many spin-off’s of the Virtual Mutant’s Buffy Virtual Continuation.

  4. I don’t know that I can truly name a favorite, but if it helps, let’s say Breaking Bad is one of the better shows I’ve watched in recent years.
    Call me paranoid, but I sense I may be, as Willow colorfully said, pooping on the parade here. If I seem to be hating on BtVS, I can only give my assurance that I do like the show, I just don’t quite feel as fond as some others may. Consider me the Statler and Waldorf of The Buffy Rewatch.

  5. Hey Guys!

    Thanks for a great podcast! I will miss it so very much. I thought a fun way to look back on the show would be to take a look at some of the main characters first and last lines. I did have to limit it somewhere, so I drew the (random) line at 15 episodes. In my mind enough to make an impact on either the entire show or a specific season. I hope this brings up some good conversation on some of the best (and worst) characters of BtVS

    Character Name (Number of episodes based on’s numbers)
    Jenny Calendar (15)
    First Line: “Scan it Rupert, that’s scan it.” (While correcting Giles who told a student to “skim” a book into a computer) said in I, Robot… You, Jane

    Last Line:”You have no idea what your dealing with.” (As The First when Buffy confronts her about her plans with Angel) said in Amends

    Mayor Richard Wilkins (15)
    First Line: I’m not bothered Allen (while greeting his assistant as he enters the room) Said in Homecoming

    Last Line: Stay on your guard Faith, Buffy’s dangerous. If you’re not careful she’ll destroy you. I’m just saying. (As The First trying to convince Faith to attack Buffy) Said in Touched

    Warren Meers (16)
    First Line: We got to got go she’s seen me. (While rush out of a party to escape April with Katrina) Said in I Was Made to Love You

    Last Line: I’ll haunt you forever. I’ll Kill you! (As the first trying to convince Andrew to open the seal) Said in Storyteller

    Harmony Kendall (16)
    First Line: Are we going to the Bronze tonight? (Asking Cordelia about plans for the evening) Said in The Harvest

    Last Line: Oh Spikey, say goodbye to this, because you’re not going to see it anymore. Unless you run into to me somewhere and it’s me walking away from you. But even then… I’ll probably just…you know… back away. (After breaking up with Spike for the last time) Said in Crush

    Drusilla (17)
    First Line: Look at all these people, are these nice people? (While entering the layer of the anointed one for the first time) Said in School Hard

    Last Line: I’m the other who gave birth to your son (when speaking to Spike’s mom after turning Spike into a vampire) Said in Lies My Parents Told Me

    Principal Snyder (19)
    First Line: So, we think school events are stupid and we think authority figures ought be made fun of. (While greeting Buffy, Xander and Willow for the first time and forcing them to join the talent show) Said in The Puppet Show

    Last Line: You’re neither, you’re a whipping boy, set on an artificial stone (during Xander’s dream) Said in Restless
    Faith (20)
    First Line: It’s okay I got it. You’re Buffy Right? I’m Faith. (while fighting off a vampire at the bronze) Said in Faith, Hope & Trick

    Last Line: Yeah, your not the one and only chosen one anymore, you just gotta live like a person. How does that feel? (During the final scene) said in Chosen

    Andrew Wells (27)
    First Line: We can do that. (Responding in fear to a demon who is demanding the trio hold up there end of the deal for Buffy’s head) Said in Flooded

    Last Line: She was incredible, she died trying to save my life. (To Xander when speaking about Anya’s death) Said in Chosen

    Jonathan Levinson (29)
    First Appearance: Appears as a student at the museum– does not have a line. First scene in Inca Mummy Girl

    Last Appearance: Andrew stabs him in a flashback about featuring Jonathan’s death. He does not speak. Last scene in Storyteller

    Riley Finn (31)
    First Line: It’s okay, I’m okay (After Buffy knocks a bunch of books on his head) Said in The Freshmen

    Last Line: Firefight, big bugs and body counts. Yeah I could use a break. (To his wife Sam while leaving Sunnydale for the last time) Said in As You Were

    Daniel “Oz” Osborne (40)
    First Line: Of What? (While discussing Cordillea with the lead singer of Dingo’s Ate by Baby) Said in Inca Mummy Girl

    Last Line: Pretty much now (the last thing he says to Willow before leaving her.) Said in New Moon Rising

    Tara Maclay (47)
    First Line: I think that…. (She gets cut off at Willows first “Wicca Group” meeting, while trying to support Willow’s notion of doing spells) Said in Hush

    Last Line: Your shirt (After being shot by Warren’s stray bullet, and seeing the blood on Willow’s shirt) Said in Seeing Red

    Cordelia Chase (58)
    First Line: Hi I’m Cordelia. (Being unusually kind to Buffy after sharing her history book) Said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line: Well that was the most have you can without having any fun. (While greeting the Scoobies after the battle vs. The Mayor) Said in Graduation Day Part 2

    Joyce Summers (58)
    First Line: Buffy! (calling from off camera) Said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line I don’t want to scare you, I want to help you. You need to wake up (In Buffy’s dream, possibly as The First) Said in Bring On the Night

    Angel (59)
    First Line: Is there a problem ma’am? (After getting kicked over by Buffy, after stalking her in the dark) said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line: I ain’t getting any older (Angles quips as he leaves Sunnydale and heads back to LA to start the second front vs. The First) Said in Chosen

    Dawn Summers (66)
    First Line: Mom! (After Joyce asks Buffy to take her sister with her if she’s going out. End of episode) Said in Buffy vs. Dracula

    Last Line: Yeah, Buffy… What are we going to do now? (In the final scene) said in Chosen

    Anya Jenkins (85)
    First Line: Nice Bag. Prada? (while greeting Cordelia for the first time as part of Harmony’s mean girls gang) Said in The Wish

    Last Line: Bunnies, Floopy, Hoppy Bunnies!! (While gaining the courge the fight in the final battle) Said in Chosen

    Spike (97)
    First Line: Home Sweet Home (while getting out of his car and lighting up a cigarette) said in School Hard

    Last Line: No you don’t, but thanks for saying it. Now Go. I want to see how it ends. (As he’s preparing for death at the end of the final battle) said in Chosen

    Rupert Giles (123)
    First Line: Can I help you? (Greeting Buffy as she enters the Library) Said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line: We have a lot of work a head of us (In the final scene) Said in Chosen

    Xander Harris (144)
    First Line: Excuse me, pardon me, coming through (while ridding on a skate board in front of Sunnydale High School) Said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line: All those shops gone, Gap, Toys R Us, Starbucks. Who will remember all those landmarks unless we tell the world about them. (In the final scene) Said in Chosen

    Willow Rosenberg (145)
    First Line: Really? (Responding to a fallen Xander’s question) Said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line: The first is scrunched, so what do you think we should do Buffy? (During the final scene) Said in Chosen

    Buffy Summers (145)
    First Line: I’m up Mom! (waking up for her first day at Sunnydale High School) Said in Welcome to Hellmouth

    Last Line: Spike (While answering Giles’ question about “Who did this” to Sunnydale) Said in Chosen

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