Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | April 29, 2014

Podcast #154: The Awards

Here’s the last podcast with all of your votes revealed for the Buffy Rewatch Awards.

Buffy the Class Protector

Buffy the Class Protector

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  1. I know this has nothing to do with this but what do you guys think of angels’ shanshu prophecy? Dd you think it was a nifty idea or just something to make another storyline? Cos it confuses me I mean we know buffy and angel have this epically tragic love story no one doubts they should be together but they can’t I mean he’s a vamp he’s going to live forever she won’t, consequences with losing his soul, Yada Yada Yada. They are the chosen warriors of light and dark from the powers that be even in s1 ep 7 remember me I think it is of angel the demon states they are stronger together yet they are pulled apart and literally become passing acquaintances, what was the whole point of the shanshu if even at the end of everything they would never be together even if he was granted his humanity? I mean you have all these other powers at work aswell the powers that be, the oracles couldn’t they have done something to help the chosen champions? They couldn’t just bind his soul to him so it could never be lost? I’m pretty sure they are more powerful then a gypsy clan isn’t in everyone’s best interest to bind his soul to him forever? Gah this is frustratingly annoying

    • I’m not sure. I haven’t seen Angel in years and I don’t remember much about the prophecy. My main idea is that the devolving of Buffy and Angel’s relationship was a natural part of the characters not being on the same show anymore. Angel needed a local romantic interest. It would be very difficult to sustain most of the audience’s interest in a relationship which is never shown. Personally, I know I stopped caring about Buffy and Angel very shortly after Angel left for his spin-off.

      • It just annoys me what was the point having them have us get invested in it then have him leave then provide a crumb to be together its frustrating i still think after it all they should have been able to be together. I spose i shouldn’t really complain i got 8 years of a shirtless Angel haha and then bones seriously i live to see David with no clothes on though my fave would have to be the ep where bones burst in on him in the bath and he stands up and you got a decent 20 sec to just stare yum haha and that is so off topic

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