Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | May 14, 2014

The Buffy stats from Andrew from Tacoma

As promised here are Andrew’s selected Buffy stats:


Animals: 2 (the faux Razorback and the dog that gets eaten by the worm)
Random citizens:  64
Brits/tourists: 23
Initiative commandos: 7
Teachers: High school; 8 College 3
Students: High School 25, College 6, Swim team 4
Guns actually fired: 8
Bronze was attacked: 4 times
Body swaps: 2
Possessions: 6
Times people broke into a building: 9
Deaths by natural causes 2 (Cassie, Joyce)
Potentials: 13


Slays: 168 vamps/demons, 16 humans, 2 robots
Is thrown usually on her right side: 151 times
Uses Slayer strength/agility : 88 times
is Knocked out 9 times
Sneaks out a window 5 times
Gives bad advice: 3
Yells “Dawn!” 10
Cover ups: 35

Takes glasses off: 250 times
Lectures or gives expostion: 49 but that is objective, by length he goes on, you could count it more
K’Oed  11 times
taken hostage or as bait 2
insults Americans: 7
cover ups 4
Slays 9 vamps and one Ben

Slays 10 times and assists twice
K’Oed 16 times
Hostage twice
8 cover ups
Offers himself as sacrafice twice
Takes his shirt off 6 tmes

Properly hacks:12 times
Slays 8
Taken hostage 6 times
K’oed 3
12 cover ups

Kills two humans and 16 vamps
KOed twice
is thrown like Buffy 11 times
but her character throws or flips 14 people

SLays 3 by hand plus three using sunlight
Screams “Buffy!” 14 times
is shown as clumsy 5 times
4 cover ups
and is Koed, sneaks out and is captured 2 times each

Kills 17 vamps
5 humans in 1-6
and 8 humans in season 7
Koed 3 times  knocks out Drusilla twice
Takes his shirt off 19 times

Drusilla kills 11
Riley slays 12  (and takes his shirt off 7 times)
Angel slays 3 vamps and 8 humans (Shirt off 12 times)
Anya Koed 4 times. Slays once and her humans actually come back to life
Andrew slays Jonathon and one Bringer and is mentioned as Tucker’s Brother/ what’s his name  7 times
Cordelia: slays once, captured 3 times used as bait twice and insults people 79 times
The Master only kills Buffy
The Mayor 3 people
The Judge one vamp (the mall people don’t die)
Mr. Trick 4 people
Adam 3 humans 2 vamps
Professor Walsh never slays
Harmony doesn’t kill on camera  Minions were turned off camera
Warren kills 2 humans
Darla 1 human 3 vamps
Glory kills 5  but makes 6 people crazy
Jonathan nearly dies 6 times and slays 2
Caleb kills three



  1. I’m sad to say I only just discovered the podcast a few weeks ago now that your done. I finally got a full buffy set and decided to see if there was any podcasts that go ep for ep and I was plesently surprised to find this. I am currantly up to the Halloween ep but better late then never. I enjoy the discussions and get a little something more I missed the first time that you guys have pointed out so thanx and please leave the podcasts up for a while so that I can get through them all please

    • Oh by the way I’m totally team angel I felt Riley was a one dimensional stooge exactly how I think of g.i joe

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